5 things you won’t see or hear this summer in Toronto…

Back in the motherland they have been basking in the rays of a heatwave over the last few days. All year it seems the Irish pray for the arrival of that great big yellow ball in the sky but when it does grace us with it’s presence, the reaction in Ireland is truly unique.

Here are a few sights and sayings you will NEVER see or hear in Toronto on a hot summer’s day:

1. ‘It’s so hot I can’t even have a cup of tea’ – no-one takes the business of tea-drinking as seriously as us Irish so when the temperatures outside are too high to enjoy the usual 5 cuppas a day, this is considered truly catastrophic.

Too hot for the tae

Too hot for the tae

2. The entire population flocks to the beach – if recent Facebook and Instagram posts are anything to go by, it would be appear that every man, woman and child back at home has been to the beach since this miraculous heatwave kicked in. This scene just does not happen on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Toronto:

The whole country hits the beach

The whole country is out!

3. This ‘look’ is all the rage when the sun comes out to play in Ireland:



4. Diving off bridges becomes an acceptable pastime:

The craic was mighty

The craic was mighty

5. ‘Jesus, I’d love a drop of rain’ – Torontonians rarely express a desire for rain. However after three days of intense sunshine in Ireland,the natives start to get a bit sick of it. Sure, if they wanted this kind of weather all the time they’d could just go live in Spain!

Hard to beat a grand, soft day

Hard to beat a grand, soft day


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