Making Friends in your new home.

friendship Making friends as an adult is a daunting experience. My bff and I bonded in school when we both turned up at the school disco in the exact same outfit. Similar style and a mutual love of Topshop we were official. We went on to university together and had no need to make new friends and we let a select few into our group. Still best friends we are separated by an ocean and I’m in Toronto friendless! So how do you make friends? I felt like a complete idiot asking the question, but I know I am not alone. The scary world of adult friend finding. Ok I admit it, moving here I had the idealist vision of moving into an apartment and living next door to the Monica and Rachel of Toronto, I would knock on their door, bottle of wine in hand, they would fall in love with my Irish charm and a lifelong friendship would ensue. In truth my neighbors have broken English, a baby that cries nonstop and two of the scariest looking dogs I have ever seen! friends We Irish are by nature a friendly bunch and just to hold fast to the sterotypes the two buddies I have here, were found in the pub, with their men friends on a Sunday after a day of GAA. Initally we were all quite awarkard but after a few white wine spitzers we were decalring our love for one another and organizing a big night out on the town. Several months later we are still firm friends and a few more have joined the group. My best advice, is try not to be discouraged, yeah you feel like a loner, but friendly people generally attract others so smile, and say hello, it really is step one of making friends Tried and Tested Tips Keep your old friends close, even if they’re scattered to the winds. Nothing will cheer you up faster than an good natter with your best friend, discussing the local scandal and the craic from their most recent night out. You will be rejected….. Man Up! I will literally talk to anyone and sometimes I get looked at like I’m a raving lunatic whilst others engage. Likewise others have engaged me, just the other day I planned a friend date with a girl on the subway who overheard my accent knew I was from the motherland and started to chat mean girls Say “yes.” When the fella in work asks you to go to for a post work pint say “yes” . When the girl at the gym asks you to try Zumba with her, say yes. When a creepy dude asks you to go for a ride in his van, say no. But seriously, when you’re looking to make friends, saying yes to any and every social opportunity just makes good sense. If you’re single, mingle. Dating widens your social circle, Sure the lad might be a complete bore, but he has friends who are sound and you might make a friendship with them. Follow up on leads. If a contact says they know someone in your new city that you might like, go for it. Sure, it could be a terrible blind-friend date, but you could also find a new bestie. You network to advance your career. Use those skills for making friends, too. It’s sooooo cliché ; but it actually works! Join a club or organization, think of the amount of lads and lasses who have come here and fell in with a great group of people in the GAA. You will always find someone, who knows someone, who knows you, at a GAA match or event. So even if you don’t play head out to the park and get chatting. There is so much going on in the city that you have your choice of clubs and teams to join in all types of sports, and if you don’t make friends whilst sweating at a yoga class at the very least, you’ll gain some new skills or get some exercise Look into social networks, The Irish and New Facebook page has so many members one or two are bound to match your friendship criteria. Post up that your new to the area, in all likelihood you will get a few digs (deal with it) but I have no doubt that someone in the same boat will reach out. Happy Hunting Folks Sx


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