Bublé rocked the ACC

Bublé looking BeautI love a good concert and, I do not discriminate about who I will go to see. Think Johnny Logan (ask your mam), Snoop Dog, Boyzone and Beyonce. So when my boyfriend surprised me with two Michael Bublé tickets to say I was excited wouldn’t be totally appropriate. Now my boyfriend isn’t the crooners biggest fan, but he fully enjoyed the concert which was the nights best shocker, and now I can play my Crazy Love album on repeat (bonus)!

The show was staged in the ACC, which in my very humble, uneducated opinion is a better venue than the Rogers centre for the simple fact that it is a little smaller.

The opening act were an amazing “vocal play” group called Naturally 7. Picture the scene, seven men on stage, you can hear music, they even look like they’re holding instruments, but all the music they produce is from their mouth. Think beat boxing meets RnB! Naturally 7 had the crowd on their feet and ready to party with Bublé. Party we did,the show opened with flaming pyro jets  and Bublé’s rendition of “Fever” and his own “Crazy Love”. He went on to describe his concert like a great first date, it would start out slow and romantic, then it would feel a little sleepy at which point he would start the party, and get everyone in the mood for some dirty lovemaking ( at this point, the men in the room became interested)
The set he described was perfect, and backed by his 13 piece band he belted out classics from Van Morrisson, Frank Sinatra and Nina Simone as well as his own hits. I’m not gona lie, when the opening bars of ‘Home’ came on the lump appeared in my throat and the cutesy images of couples and families that flashed on the screen didn’t help this poor home-sick expat. My salvation came with his version of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” which got the energy back up but had several nearby grandmothers gettin’ down in a manner that almost made me want to burn my eyes!
Would I go see him again?! 100% he is an entertainer who done just that and as for my boyfriend, he liked the dirty jokes!



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