Canadian Celebs with a bit of Irish

Did you know Ryan Reynolds is Irish? Well maybe the combination of ‘Ryan’ and ‘Reynold’s was a give-away to some of you but it was news to us at and it got us thinking what other Canucks have Irish heritage.

Now, some of the familiar faces listed below might be as Irish as that woman you met on your J1 who told you her granny’s best friend’s neighbour was from Co. Galway but we just love claiming celebrities with even a drop of Celtic blood in them, so here is our list of well-known Canadians with roots in the Emerald Isle:

Ryan Reynolds:

82nd Annual Academy Awards

Our in-depth research (a.k.a ‘googling’) reveals that the hubby of Blake Lively is as Irish as a pint of the black stuff. The Vancouver native has Irish ancestry and once claimed in an interview with that ‘with brothers named Terry and Patrick, I’m pretty damn Irish‘. Yes you are Ryan!

Alanis Morissette:


The seven-time Grammy award winner will forever hold a special place in our heart for giving us the album Jagged Little Pill (who doesn’t love belting out their own version of Hand in My Pocket) but did you know that Ms Morissette is of Irish descent on her Daddy’s side? Alas, the luck of the Irish didn’t exactly hold out for poor Alanis when her then fiancee Ryan Reynolds ditched her for his now ex-wife (it gets confusing) Scarlett Johansson.

Jim Carrey:


The funny-man from New Market, Ontario is French-Canadian on his Father’s side of the family but has Irish roots from his Mother and once mentioned on his Twitter account that his Grandmother was Irish. That’s proof enough for us Jim.

Rachel McAdams:


The star of hit movies like Mean Girls and The Notebook originally hails from London, Ontario but has a combination of Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English blood in her!

Michael Cera:


Ever since we saw him on our screens jogging around in those dodgy yellow shorts in the brilliant flick Juno, Michael Cera has been on our top  list of Canadian cuties. Originally from Brampton, Ontario, the lovely Cera claims his ‘Oirish’ roots hail from his Mother’s side of the family tree.

Michael J Fox:


The pint-sized actor and producer from Alberta claims his ethnicity is Irish and regularly referred to his Irish heritage in interviews.



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