Summer preparations – waxing

wax on wax off

Now ladies you will agree that no one enjoys going to get a bikini wax?! But its that time of year and lets face it, we all need to do it. I’m a faithful every 6 weeks type of gal, AND I break the norm because I actually enjoy getting waxed.

That was until I said goodbye to my beautician in Belfast and headed for the big shhmoke! Six weeks into my new life it was time for a trip to the salon. Of course I did no research and headed to the first place I stumbled across…..big mistake. I’ve never been to a medieval torture chamber but I’m pretty sure this is the closest I will ever come to one. Ordered to strip whilst the therapist stayed in the room (she turned her back for my privacy), I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be pleasant. What followed was probably 15-20 minutes of the worse pain I have ever felt. The therapist carried out the routine with no rhyme nor rhythm, not stopping upon hearing my obvious cries of distress. When she finally finished, there was no after lotion provided, no after wax care information and I was simply told “dress and pay at front”. Dressing was a fresh pain and walking like John Wayne, I exited the room, handed over my $50 and said never again.

Lesson learned – I had six weeks to research and recover from the trauma. Ladies, my advice do not wander into a random wax bar. Look for their credentials. Since sharing my story with friends, I learned that I wasn’t the only traumatized Irish girl to endure a bikini wax in a random Toronto ‘salon’.

I have since found my salvation in Gladys at Aroma Spa on Yonge Street. The spa itself is pristine white, fresh and friendly. I am greeted at the front door and introduced to Gladys. I am instantly assured I’m in good hands…hell  the woman’s apron says ” Trust me, I’ve done this before”. I tell Gladys about my previous experience and within minutes, she is laughing at me for being so foolish.

What’s more, the spa is super cheap, my Brazilian and eyebrow wax was $45 with the bonus of a free wax for first time visitors.  Girls I will definitely be back.

Find out more about the place here:

Have you any recommendations of other tried and tested wax joints in the city?

Let us know.



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