Easy Summer Hairstyles

Girls are any of you struggling with your hair in this heat and humidity?

I spent last summer doing one of two things, either my straight hair in a ponytail or beachy waves…boring!! This summer I am determined not to give up and stick with trying new styles and I thought I’d share some of the styles I have attempted so far. I will never make a hairstylist, so these styles are foolproof!

1. Braided Bun
This style is great because you can do it, just below the crown, in the center or at the side of the head. Create some volume using a teasing comb, smooth and pull your hair into a ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two sections. Twist one part clockwise into a bun, using bobby pins to secure as you go. Braid the remaining hair and wrap counterclockwise around the base of the bun. Finish with a light holding spray.

Hey presto…braided bun a la Eva Longoria!


2. A fishtail
So easy and people always comment on it. Practice makes perfect so do not give up! This style is really easy with day old hair, but you can do it with just washed hair too. Blow-dry hair using fingers until it’s three-quarters of the way dry, then work in mousse from root to end.Make a deep side part and swoop the rest of your hair over to the opposite side, slightly behind your ear. (TIP:If you’re doing it yourself, you may want to secure into a low pony to hold in place, then undo at the end). To start the fishtail braid, divide hair into two sections. Work your way down by taking a thin piece from the outside right section and joining it with the left. Next do the reverse: take a thin piece of hair from the left section and join it with the right. Continue until you have about 1 inch left at the end. Secure with an elastic—preferably one that’s the same color as your hair. This can be sleek or for a messier look, pull the strands apart slightly.
3. Wrap N Roll
This one is a complete no brainer. Find a hair wrap or scarf, knot it in the front of your head, and throw your hair up in a messy bun. Simples!

4. Band n Roll
Another fool proof style. Place a non slip hair band over your hair towards your hair line. Take hair and roll up into the hair band.

5. Low plait/tail
Another style that takes a little practice, but it is so worth it as it’s helmet and hat friendly. Separate all your hair, about two inches back from the hairline on either side. Secure the middle section in a ponytail. Separate the top section on the right into two sections. Take the top section and pull it down to ponytail at a downward angle, pin in place, using the ponytail as a placement guide. Do the exact same on the left hand side, these two pieces should now be forming a cross over, just above the tail. Grab the rest of the free hair and wrap under the previous sections. Place under the ponytail and pin in place. Repeat on the other side.

6. Braid wrap pony.
Take your hair in two sections, like your doing half up half down. Place the top section in a low ponytail. Pull the bottom section slightly to one side of the ponytail and plait. Take the plait and wrap it around the tail. Easy peasy. I used a vintage brooch to cover my pins

7. Heidi braids
My favorite, so easy and great for sunbathing, but remember to use some spay in sun lotion, this will protect your head and keep hair in place. Part your hair down the middle, try and keep both sides as even as possible. Take the first section of hair and bring it all up to just behind your ear. Tightly braid the hair all the way to the end. Make sure you braid as far down as possible to avoid any hair sticking out later.Secure the braided hair with an elastic at the end. Try to find small elastics as the ends can be very thick. Repeat on the other side, until you have two side braids.Take the first braid and lay it across the top of your head, bringing it as tightly across your head as possible. Using a few bobby pins, secure the entire braid to your head. Start pinning at each end and then add a few in the middle. Try to slide them in under the top of the braid to make them invisible. Use small pins if you can, but if you have thick or unruly hair, bigger pins will work a lot better and hold it in place longer.Take the second braid and wrap it underneath the first braid, also pinning as you go. (Some people prefer to lay the second braid in front of the first one.) Wrap the end of the braid around the top of the first one and tuck the excess hair underneath. Ensure that the end of the first braid is not sticking out by tucking it under the second so all loose ends are hidden. Pin down any extra fly-away hairs or spots that feel loose. If you have layers or a fringe, you can pin it back or leave it loose.

8. Hair Bow
Pull your hair into a high ponytail, but do not pull the hair completely through. What you are left with is a sort of bun, which you will split in two sections. Using the hair that is not pulled through, pull up the middle of the two sections, and secure behind the buns using bobby pins. Separate the hair in the buns, to make the bow bigger and spray.


One thought on “Easy Summer Hairstyles

  1. I love any updo that’s messy, whether it’s a bun a braid or a simple ponytail. I have a few weddings to attend this summer so I’m going to attempt to make the messy updo a little more sophisticated with the addition of a braid or a few hair gems

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