On The Run; with Jay Z and Beyonce

Beyonce & JAY Z - On The Run Tour - Toronto
Jay Z and Beyonce graced Canada with their two-and-a-half-hour On The Run show, which tells their complicated love story through a whooping 42-song setlist, iconic dance moves and video montages. It’s the first time the couple has officially toured together. Fingers crossed it’s not the last.

The Rogers Centre was packed to capacity and I was practically in the rafters, which may of affected the sound quality, which from where I was sitting was horrible! Beyonce is a powerhouse and shouldn’t be drowned out by her music which at times was way too loud (I sound like my mam).Let me point out I have seen both acts in arenas before, and they blew me away so I’m blaming the arena and my cheap seats for the poor sound quality.

The show itself was fabulous! The pryo, lights and background video montages perfect to keep the audience hooked during song changes. The show kicked off with the duos first hit Bonnie and Clyde .The setlist was perfectly timed. The couple would perform one of their shared hits such as “Drunk in Love, “Partition,” or “Crazy in Love,” before splitting off to let one go solo.

Beyonce is just a perfect performer who does not miss a beat! Although I wasn’t crazy about a few of her song choices, If I was a Boy in particular, which was drowned out by a heavy rock bass, an unnecessary and distracting remix. She delivered the goods with her big hits, Baby Boy, Love on Top and Single Ladies to name a few!

Jay Z is just too cool. Unlike his wife who came out with an army of dancers, he came out with just his mic, and some serious outfits. He for me, stole the show. Tom Ford, Hard Knock Life, No Church in the Wild all had the audience going as Jay would say Cray (yip I went there!).

When the couple were on stage together it was electric. For all those who believe the rumours of infidelity, I think you only need to see J and B on stage to see how Crazy in Love they are (yip did it again). They looked like they genuinely were having fun together on stage. The show ended with an unreal performance of Forever Young, whilst pictures of the couple and they’re super cute tot played in the background!

What a show!


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