11 Irish delicacies I miss and where to find them

I recently received a care package from home, lovingly put together by my Mother, containing all the goodies I miss. As I happily sat surrounded by Tayto crisps and Cadbury chocolate, sipping on a cup of  Barry’s Tea I thought about all the non- post-able delicacies that I would give my right arm for.

Which got me thinking is there anywhere in this fab city where we can get a taste of home?!

1. Sausage roll.

What better way to cure a hangover than with a sausage roll, with brown sauce (HP of course) and a cuppa. Fear not “The Brick Street Bakery” which has four locations (The Distilery, Leslieville, The Beaches and King street) are famous for their sausage rolls.

Find out more: http://www.brickstreetbakery.com/menu-3

The humble Sausage Roll

The humble Sausage Roll


2. Jambon.

You either love them or hate them. If like us you love them, head to Patisserie Sebastien, which is located on the corner of Yonge and Fairlawn, just north of Lawrence Avenue. If you don’t love them, you should check this place out anyway for their delicious chocolate croissant.

Find out more here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Patisserie-Sebastien/149319041812773

The sight of this at a deli counter, with soggy potato wedges...Yum

The sight of this at a deli counter, with soggy potato wedges…Yum

3. Soda farl and jam.

This is a real source of contention for me as I have yet to find a soda farl in Toronto. Many breakfast places have assured me that the soda bread they serve is a Northern soda farl but unfortunately none have delivered the goods!  For the record bakers of Toronto, soda bread and wheaten bread is not the same thing. So in case any of you are feeling charitable here is the recipe, I’d be happy to be your taster.

Find out more here: http://www.discovernorthernireland.com/Soda-Bread-Farls-Recipes-A1924

Must be a Nordy thing?!

Must be a Nordy thing?!

4.Crisp sandwich.

So versatile, so quick, so delicious! Cheese and Onion, or Salt and Vinegar. I don’t care where in the world you are, the crisps (that’s chips to our Canadian friends), are just not the same. Taytos, ; need I say more?

What Tayto Crisps were made for

What Tayto Crisps were made for

5.Ham sandwich. What a reminder of a GAA Sunday – ham sandwiches and flasks of tea.

Ham sandwiches in its natural habitat

Ham sandwiches in its natural habitat

6. Chipper chips – gravy or curry optional!. Cut from real home grown Irish spuds, cooked to perfection covered with a good coating of salt and vinegar and served up in paper. The Canuks call a gravy cheesy chip poutine. You can get Poutine in most restaurants. A staple in the diet of anyone that frequents a nightclub of a Saturday night in Ireland, a decent curry chip in Toronto can be found in the Irish Embassy on Yonge Street.

no 5


7. Batter burger/ Battered sausage

Sounds rank, tastes divine and can be found in the Corner House Irish Pub


No plate required. Salt and Vinegar optional

No plate required. Salt and Vinegar optional

8. Taco chips

My search for a Taco chip has so far proven fruitless, and I constantly find Doritos at the end! You can’t beat a SuperMac Taco chip, like any time, so take heed Irish pubs and restaurants, sack the Poutine and bring in the good old Taco chip.

heart attach in a box

heart attach in a box

9. Proper sausages.

They have hot dog, Italian, Salami, German, but no good old Galtee, Denny’s or Cookstown sausages, and quite frankly breakfast isn’t the same without them! If anyone from home is reading this, please send us an emergency supply.



10. Yer Mams Sunday roast.

My mam makes the best Sunday roast, yes the meat is dry and the mash is lumpy but it’s made with love and its what Sundays are all about! Luckily, I have found a few ‘awesome’ Sunday dinner spots in Toronto.  The Miller Tavern and The Irish Embassy in particular stand out.


My Mams never looked like this, like!

My Mams never looked like this, like!

11. Don’t mind that fancy Butler’s or Lily O’Briens, that’s not the kind of chocolate we’re talking about. A few squares of Cadbury’s is all we’re after. Even though it’s available in other countries, it never tastes the same; I think it comes down to the milk. The situation with chocolate is similar to that of the crisps, it’s the whole range. Hersheys, Reeses and those other American brands aren’t worth it. Give me a Double Decker, Time Out, Yorkie or Mint Crisp any day. Or a Milky Way Crispy Roll…I’d sell my soul for a Crispy Roll!

Fear not you can find Irish chocolate at  Empire on Bullet on Queen Street and Sugar Mountain On Yonge Street.


Now is that not a vision, ye can keep the Tiffin!

Now is that not a vision, ye can keep the Tiffin!


So that’s it, our top 11 foods we miss from home, the ones we get random cravings for at random times of the day or night. Coming to this decision was not easy, there was a lot of stomach rumbling, drooling and day dreaming involved, but these are the foods that made the final cut.

What foods do you miss when you’re away from home? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below.


11 thoughts on “11 Irish delicacies I miss and where to find them

  1. Some Loblaws and No Frills do lovely President’s Choice Wiltshire rashers. Myself and the boyfriend bulk buy them and stick them in the freezer for emergency hangover relief of a Sunday morning. Sooo much nicer than the streaky bacon

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