Canadian Translations

Whilst talking to a group of Canadian’s I noticed that they were affronted when I announced that I was ‘going to the toilet’ and was duly informed that I was in fact going to the washroom (excuse me?!). This got me thinking of some other other strange words and phrases employed by the locals. We’ve all heard about, “aboot” and that  “eh” can be used in almost all interactions. Here are some more examples

Loonie : A common word for the Canadian one-dollar coin (fact:named after the image of the aquatic bird that graces the $1 coin).

Toonie : A toonie is a $2 Canadian coin, which followed the cue of the loonie

Timmy’s or Tim’s:  Slang for Tim Horton’s, a chain of doughnut and coffee shops named after a famous hockey player.
Double Double: A Double Double refers to a coffee (often from Tim Hortons) with two creams and two sugars.
Rink Rat: Someone who loves spending time on an ice rink.
Homo Milk: Slang for homogenized whole milk, but shockingly, this term is actually used on milk packaging.
Two-Four: Common slang for a case of 24 beers.

Pop: Another word for soda.

Washroom: Another word for bathroom or restroom.

Mickey: For the most part, a mickey is a flask-sized (or 375 ml) bottle of hard liqueur, but on the East Coast, a mickey is an airplane-sized bottle.

Hydro: Hydro refers to electricity, particularly on your energy bill.

Kerfuffle: A chaotic situation which is usually negative in nature; a loud or heated dispute.
Let us know if you have been baffled by any other Canadian-isms

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