Irish Mammy-isms

Ye have to love an Irish mammy, warm and loving, but don’t cross her or she’ll whip out the wooden spoon so fast, you won’t know what has hit you!
Recently Easons Bookstore asked their Facebook fans to vote for their favorite Irish “Mammyisms” in an online poll. We had to add a few of our own, and once we got started, it was really hard to stop!  Here’s what made the cut.
For added LOL’s read them in your own Mam’s voice!
Weapon of Ma's destruction

Weapon of Ma’s destruction

1. If you fall off that wall and break your legs, don’t come running to me!

2. Do you think I’m made of money?

3. Close the door! Were you born in a barn?

4. What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?

5. How do you know you don’t like it, if you haven’t tasted it?

6. A little birdy told me.

7. If  I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.

8. Do you think this is a hotel?

9. Stop running down those stairs!

10. Are your hands broke, well then pick it up yourself!

11. Eat that up, imagine all the wee starving children who don’t get a bite

12. Eat your carrots they’ll help you see in the dark!

13. What’s for you won’t go past you!

14. Don’t make me call yer father

15. There’s great drying out there

16. Ask St. Jude /St. Anthony/ St. Martha

17. Turn Off/On the big light

18. Do ye want a poke or a slider?

19. You’ll be the death of me

20. Who’s she? The cats’ mother!

These women are full of charm, threats and wonderful notions. Eilis, ( my ma) has some great speaks, my fav “oh him, he’s an awful ol’ snool!”. Some of her speaks couldn’t be written on a public forum, I’m sure you can imagine.

Mam, I've lost my schoolbag?!

Mam, I’ve lost my schoolbag?!

We are sure you all could add to this list. Let us know some of your favourite Mammy-isms 🙂

S xx


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