Why I Hate Toronto Public Transport

It’s a beautiful sunny day, you have your music on and nothing can dampen your spirits, but you have to take TTC which means things are about to change.
Upon entering the station your mood does a quick 180 and suddenly you’ve transformed into Mr Jekyll and your battling to the death for a coveted spot on the train!
I did not start out this way,  a year ago I stood back, offered my seat and smiled politely to strangers. Now, I’m still not as bad as some of the folks you’ll meet on TTC but I’m certainly not smiling any more.
10 Reasons why CraicTO hates the TTC 
1. The collective smell of bad breath & body odour in the morning (it’s disgusting!)
We know it’s hot and you had to run to get this train, but please sort it out!
Take your pit out of my face and browse on!

Take your pit out of my face and browse on!

2. That guy happy out picking his nose at 8am on a packed subway.
I’m pretty sure we were all warned about picking our noses. Please reserve this task until you are at home, ALONE!
Dig a little deeper, maybe you'll find your manners!

Dig a little deeper, maybe you’ll find your manners!

3. The people who feel its normal to clip their finger nails and worse…toenails!
True story, about a month ago I heard the familiar Clip Clip Clip and thought, nooooooo! I glanced behind me and was greeted by a big dirty foot and narrowly avoided loosing an eye to a flying toenail….boke!
No words needed!

No words needed!

4.The sheer aggression.
Think 8am, Yonge and Bloor at rush hour….enough said!
keep repeating this until you reach your destintation

keep repeating this until you reach your destintation

5. Lack of public transport etiquette
Giving up your seat to the elderly, pregnant, children or unwell! This is probably the most offensive TTC trait so take heed people and remember karma!
move your ass

move your ass

6. People who eat really smelly food
Really a beef pastry thing at 7 am, save your health and my stomach!
this actually happened

this actually happened

7. Door blockers
There are two types of door blockers, those who stand in your way and people who enter before all the passengers exit! These people really are a new breed of ignorant!


8. The women who insist their handbag needs a seat! Yes I know its Michael Kors and yes it’s very pretty, but I want a seat so move it or loose it sister! I recently discovered a blog called ‘I Hope your Bag is Comfortable A-hole’, a Toronto-based site for shaming those who commit such crimes – http://ihopeyourbagiscomfortableasshole.tumblr.com/
No no your bag looks tired, I'll stand

No no your bag looks tired, I’ll stand

9. The guy who squeezes in.
Even when there is no room to squeeze, he will make a dash just as the doors are closing and make us all that wee bit more uncomfortable! We all have met this guy and we all have called him a few choice names!
Grand so, plenty of room

Grand so, plenty of room

10. Yes teenage girls, I want to hear about the cute guy who’s snap-chatting you and how your mother is a bitch, please talk louder in-case I miss a thing 10 seats back!
My sentiments exactly!

My sentiments exactly!

So there you have it our TTC rant and the 10 things (in no particular order) that we hate.
Go on let us know what you loathe about the TTC, it will make you feel better.
S + C xx

7 thoughts on “Why I Hate Toronto Public Transport

  1. People who wear sunglasses . Everyone knows they doing it so they can creep freely. Also people who are brazen enough to stare without the sunglasses. Even where you stare pointedly back at them and they STILL keep staring. Also – people who are running to get the train send you flying down the platform . Oh and also people who shuffle reaaaaly slowly onto the train even after the bell chimes. MOVE

  2. Eh the good folk who use Toronto ttc, will never thieve your wallet but don’t mind at all pressing their cocks against your arse. “Pick pocketing, No way. . Sexual assault you say, ah sure go on!”

  3. And the DART is such a joy with its junkies and drunks and security required in broad daylight? And Dublin Bus with their rude drivers who’d be just as happy to run you down rather than open the door as you arrive a split second too late at the stop? I’d take the TTC any day over the public transport in this godforsaken kip (Ireland). The streetcars are great, the transfer system value for money and never once on a 1am subway or 4am blue night bus did I feel in fear of my life. Never once missed my car either. Wait, what am I doing back here? God bless my Canadian citizenship. Will be dusting off the passport again soon.

  4. Well I particularly hate when people honk up something from down practically in their toes and spit it out onto the tracks. Its just so disgusting! !

    • i know right teresa why do people do that anyway is gross. you know i;m so glad i want to invest in a bike and make car for transportation. scooter is much faster then the bus .

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