Flying home for Christmas

It’s 30 degrees outside and summer is in full swing here in Toronto but if you are planning on spending Christmas back home in Ireland, now is the time to get planning.


Wearing one of these while doing the 12 pubs of Xmas in your hometown = fun times

Prices will escalate dramatically over the coming months so if you intend on enjoying the festive period with family and friends, we recommend booking as soon as possible.

For any newbies thinking of leaving it go until October or November, be warned  – you will end up paying crazy money for a trip across the Atlantic. Last year, fares for direct flights between Toronto and Dublin during the holiday season reached over $1900 for a return journey.

So if your heart is set on travelling back home for the turkey and brussel sprouts this December 25th, get on it like a car bonnet!

The big bad, world wide web is saturated with third party sites offering fares at low-cut prices. In fact, the choice is so vast that it can often be daunting trying to decide which site to purchase your flights with.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about someone who bought a flight only to be let down at the eleventh hour. Reliable third party providers (in our opinion) include, hipmunk,com, and

A quick search on Skyscanner today, showed return flights from Toronto to Dublin, Dec 20th – Jan 4th for $865. It may seem like a large sum but believe us, this is excellent value for the time of year in question.

If you are a fan of the low-budget options or, these guys don’t fly directly to Ireland during the winter months. But you might strike it lucky and find a cheap ticket to London…from there it’s only a short skip and a hop to home (kind of!).

Another popular route home for the Irish in Toronto is via New York.


Imagine Christmas shopping in the city that never sleeps

Flights between the Big Apple and Dublin are much more frequent than up here and as a result, tend to be more competitive in price. Getting from TO down to New York shouldn’t break the bank either given the proximity of the two cities. You can fly, bus it down on the 12 hour overnight Greyhound or hire a car.

One thing to keep in mind when doing all this research into flights home is clear the cookies on your laptop.


All the tech-savvy peeps out there are, no doubt, already aware of this little gem of info but this was a major revelation to us and it certainly makes a difference to the $ amount that pops up on the screen.

If you stumble upon great value flights, please share the knowledge with us and comment below.

Need we say more?

Need we say more?


One thought on “Flying home for Christmas

  1. Wasn’t aware there were any direct flights between YYZ and DUB last Xmas and lord knows I have looked every year the last 10 years. Its always been via London, Chicago or Amsterdam for me. At least this year there’s Aer Lingus and Air Canada all year round, so a bit of competition on fares though I bet still cheaper to route through somewhere else rather than direct. 15th December is the magic date, after which prices jump considerably. Willingness to travel the 31st December and 1st Jan will save money too.

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