Must Watch: Irish girl goes viral

MUST WATCH: Irish girl very confused

WHEN Amber May asked her sister a simple maths question, she never expected the blonde beauty’s response to go viral. Laurel, 19, from East Belfast, has been making thousands of people laugh with her ditsy response.

And the recording of a day in the May household has been seen by almost 20,000 people on Facebook and YouTube.

Amber asked Laurel: “If I’m travelling from here to a location 80 miles away and I leave here at 2 o’clock and I travel at 80 miles per hour, what time will I arrive at my destination?

Laurel, with her finger in her mouth, looks at her sister and giggles.

Amber laughs: “Why is it taking you forever to tell me the answer?”

However, Laurel, determined to get the answer, goes to put her sister over the question again but drops a can of Coke over her mum’s rug.

Then she claims the trip will take a minute per mile and the traveller will arrive at 3.20pm.

With their exasperated mum Margaret shouting at them from their kitchen, the sisters fall about the sitting room laughing with the problem still being loudly debated.

Amber was shocked when her sister’s response was abused by trolls on Facebook.

Remarks included: “She should be put down like a dog.”; “The teen’s the reason behind world wars.”; “Laurel gives the Irish a bad name” and the siblings’ mother had not brought them up properly.

Amber said: “It was just another funny day in our home.

“It’s typical of Laurel and I’m always catching her out for fun.

“We’re always mucking about like this but she’s a lovely girl with a beautiful personality and would do no harm to anyone.

“People can be so hateful on social media but we’re still just laughing because they’re idiots and we’re just sisters who love each other.

“Laurel has been a victim of cyber bullying and that is totally undeserved.”

Laurel said the prank “was just a bit of fun and it’s made that so many people have seen me being my usual daft self”.

She added: “I joke my brain goes into meltdown when Amber starts asking me these stupid questions.

“I was happy to be on Facebook but I am really angry that my mum was brought into it and accused of bringing us up badly.

“That’s just unfair and untrue.

“Our mum brought us up very well and she was a single mum. We are loved and we’re good people and the internet trolls can get lost.”

Victims who have been abused online should report it to the social network.


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