The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you will have heard or taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. As my Mam told me “they’re all at it” (I think she’s patiently waiting on a nomination). Celebs, sports stars…even an ex- US president got in on the act.

Why? By taking part in the ice bucket challenge people are raising money and awareness of ALS, known as  motor neurone disease (MND) in the UK. The outcome of this disease is that motor nerves become damaged and eventually stop working. Therefore, the muscles that the damaged nerves supply gradually lose their strength.

So how does dumping a bucket of ice and water on your head help?? Those who don’t like the Ice Bucket Challenge will say it’s ridiculous to see everyone from us regular folk to film celebrities pouring water on their heads. Why not just write a cheque? Truth is, the internet runs on all kinds of dumb videos, not to mention harmful and disturbing ones. So why not show support for videos of people making an eejit of themselves, having a laugh but most importantly raising awareness and badly needed funds for a great cause. The Challenge has proved the naysayers wrong with its incredible success. In a single day, ALS-research raised $10 million, around (this what they usually raise in a year), The total amount is about to hit a staggering $95 million. The world-wide sensation will eventually stop and you’ll soon be back to watching videos of cats and children singing the Frozen Theme tune.

I probably shouldn’t admit that I haven’t actually took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge  but I have donated to the MND foundation (and you can do so by texting ICED55 and the amount you want to donate to 70070) or visit the MND associations Just Giving page


Things that happen when you move in with your other half

You talked about it and made the move across the Atlantic with him, So now your room mates?! You now,  have amassed a massive DVD collection, you share socks and nothing is sacred, that’s just the start of it;

1. There’s hair everywhere: Short man hair and long lady hair….EVERYWHERE! In the most annoying impossible to reach places, like between tiles, How? Why?


2. You can no longer watch TV: His hi-tech TV gives you a sore head, no longer do you press a button and there’s your show, now it involves multiple remotes, HDMI leads, surround sound…nope I’ll just sit in silence and read!

Calling him to work to explain the remote is a big no

Calling him to work to explain the remote is a big no

3. Small habits become very very big: His constant foot jigging while watching TV might lead to you cutting it off and you leaving shoes in every nook and cranny may lead to his downfall! Either way he looses, because of course you remember leaving your shoes in the middle of the floor in a dark room.

I can't see them when they are in a cupboard

I can’t see them when they are in a cupboard

4.Effort? What effort? Remember when you only wore your cutest outfits and he was never less than dressy casual, that’s over! Now crusty pyjama bottoms and holy boxers are the order of the day.

if it's ok for Mila and Ashton is ok for us? Right?

if it’s ok for Mila and Ashton is ok for us? Right?

5.Secrets: You can no longer talk to your friends about him, cos he’s right there, where can you go?


6. Be prepared to fight about furniture. Ikea has been the war ground for many co-habituating couples. He will not want the 28 cushions you have on your bed and you will be less than impressed with his novlty shower curtain! Deal with it, and that’s before you have to start building the stuff!

500 Days of summer made it seem so fun

500 Days of summer made it seem so fun, and romantic!

7. Oh this old thing?! You find ways to sneak in new purchases and invent wonderful back stories as to where said item came from. “This?! I got it from (insert appropriate name), she didn’t want it anymore”, “I’ve had it ages” also works a treat! Change it up though they are suspicious creatures by nature.

Because few of us get Big

Because few of us get Big

8. Sharing is caring: You will go looking for food and it won’t be there. Remember, what’s his is yours and what’s yours is his! Don’t be a dick about though, replace it, and DO NOT eat the last galaxy his mum brought him when she was over!


9. You don’t need to go out anymore (in a good way)

Standard Saturday night couple attire

Standard Saturday night couple attire

10. Bathroom rituals: This will become your own personal nightmare! Do you do it in work (you don’t like going in work either?) Do you announce it? Do you run the tap? Do you download the shower app, for the same job, because is less wasteful? Do you close every door between him and you? Do you talk through the door? Do you enter the room with frebrez and or candles? Good luck with this one, we’re still figuring it out!

If he reacts like this you need a new strategy

If he reacts like this you need a new strategy

What have you found since moving in with your other half? Domestic bliss or miss? Any tips or hints to share?


8 Reasons why I’ll never be crowned the Rose of Tralee.

Whilst studying in Manchester, my part time employers asked could they enter me into the Rose of Tralee, and due to the copious amounts of wine they had supplied to me that evening, I agreed… “sure,  I’ll probably friggen win the thing!”.  In the cold sober light of the following day, still wearing my crown fashioned from a beer box, the fear set in, they weren’t serious?! Were they?!
Tonight sees the Rose of Tralee kick off which has led me to think of the reasons, I and most of us, will never be a Rose:

1. Age: I’m of an age where I simply couldn’t get away with entering the competition. I don’t even want to check the maximum age limit, it would be too much to cope with on a Monday morning!

24 Average age...Too much, can't cope!

24 Average age…Too much, can’t cope!

2.Talent: A department I am lacking! Wait, I can say a few poems “as gaeilge” and I can also do a cracking rendition of the “Fresh prince of Bel Air” theme tune. But come on, I’m no 2011 Rose from Dublin (Siobhan Nic Eochaidh) who managed to hip hop dance and go viral!

3. Walking: Those Roses do a lot of walking up and down to the stage. I mean walking across to Dáithi Ó’Sé  would be enough to put the fear of Jesus into me “no no Ó’Sé you come to me”

Style, beauty, poise, grace?

Style, beauty, poise, grace?

4. Sarcasm: If like me you suffer from sarcasm,  Dáithi Ó’Sé would have the eyes rolling back in your head. Questions like; “what’s your favourite hobby” would exact a response not quite RTE-appropriate!

Great question, the answer obviously...World Peace!

Great question, the answer obviously is World Peace!

5. Region:  Apparently it’s all about where your from and us Nordies haven’t done so well in the old competition.  If your representing Canada, statistically you don’t fair well either!

blog_rosetralee_regions26. It’s all in the name: Paddy Power has divided previous winners names into categories, ranging from ‘not Irish at all really’ to ‘full on Gaeilgeoir’.  There is a correlation between an Irish sounding name and victory, maybe I did have a chance?!


7. All the single ladies: It’s actually in the rules to enter that you must be “unmarried or never married”. Probably making way for on air grand romantic gestures……CRINGE!

8. Stage fright: I’ve never been good with crowds. Standing in front of a dome full of proud Mammies and Daddies would have brought on an epic case of stage fright, with my ‘debut’ on that famous Rose stage probably looking something like this:



Will you be tuning in to watch the Rose of Tralee? Some say its about as exciting as watching paint dry but we love it!

The pale moon was rising above the green mountain,The sun was declining beneath the blue sea;When I strayed with my love to the pure crystal fountain,That stands in the beautiful Vale of Tralee……….

All together now


Watch: Irish people try American foods

Last month the folks at Buzzfeed put together a video of Americans tasting Irish food. Their reactions were mixed…at best. In response to their video the Irish folks at College Times decided to run their own experiment. The Irish taste-tested mac and cheese in a box, peanut butter and grape jelly, twinkies, tootsie rolls and Fluff Watch the video:

Obviously not all food in North America is bad, I’m a sucker for a bit of poutine! What can’t you help munching on since coming to Canada??

10 signs you are turning into a Canadian

If you have lived in Toronto for awhile now, chances are you are starting to adapt some of the local saying and customs.

When you work and socialize with Canadians, there is always a danger this will happen at some point.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you are getting Canadian-ized:

1. You find yourself using the words ‘awesome’, ‘wow’, ‘amazing’ a lot.


2. You are starting to like that thin, streaky, bacon.

A Canadian 'fry'

A Canadian ‘fry’

3. You only say ‘bye’ once when ending a telephone call. No-more ‘bye, bye, good luck, chat later, bye bye bye, grand so, bye’ as this only leads to awkward pauses when it’s a Canadian on the other end of the phone.

Standard goodbye in Ireland

Standard goodbye in Ireland

4. Your working day doesn’t commence until you’ve had a double-double from Tims.


5. This is now referred to as a ‘cell’ phone…


6. I got the dirtiest look ever from my boyfriend when I asked him to take out the ‘garbage’.


7. You now call it a washroom, not a bathroom, loo or toilet.


8. It no longer bothers you that milk comes in a bag. Sure why wouldn’t it!

It's just how they roll...

It’s just how they roll…

9. Going out dressed like this every day for 4 months of the year is perfectly normal.


10. If you ever, EVER, finish a sentence with the word ‘eh’ we recommend emergency intervention.


Chris O’Dowd has valuable advice for all today’s bad Leaving Cert result students

If only Chris O’Dowd had been famous and twitter had been invented when we got the big Leaving Cert results…

The funnyman from Co. Roscommon imparted this valuable knowledge to all the students left disappointed when they opened that dreaded brown envelope.

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 8.57.46 AM

We’re not sure how factually correct this statement actually is…we’re pretty certain all of the above did graduate and Chris himself later tweeted a minor clarification.

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 9.02.48 AM

Easy mistake Chris!

But we applaud you wholeheartedly for the sentiment.

And best of luck to anyone with brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, second cousins twice removed who are getting their results today.

The Smile Bitch Training Camp

For all you grumpy bitches out there (ourselves included), help is at hand.

If you’ve ever been told by a complete stranger to ‘smile’ while walking dow the street minding your own business, you are the perfect candidate to benefit from this groundbreaking training routine. Life can be hard but your face doesn’t have to be so turn that frown upside down and learn how to smile like a crazy person from this video: