10 signs you are turning into a Canadian

If you have lived in Toronto for awhile now, chances are you are starting to adapt some of the local saying and customs.

When you work and socialize with Canadians, there is always a danger this will happen at some point.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you are getting Canadian-ized:

1. You find yourself using the words ‘awesome’, ‘wow’, ‘amazing’ a lot.


2. You are starting to like that thin, streaky, bacon.

A Canadian 'fry'

A Canadian ‘fry’

3. You only say ‘bye’ once when ending a telephone call. No-more ‘bye, bye, good luck, chat later, bye bye bye, grand so, bye’ as this only leads to awkward pauses when it’s a Canadian on the other end of the phone.

Standard goodbye in Ireland

Standard goodbye in Ireland

4. Your working day doesn’t commence until you’ve had a double-double from Tims.


5. This is now referred to as a ‘cell’ phone…


6. I got the dirtiest look ever from my boyfriend when I asked him to take out the ‘garbage’.


7. You now call it a washroom, not a bathroom, loo or toilet.


8. It no longer bothers you that milk comes in a bag. Sure why wouldn’t it!

It's just how they roll...

It’s just how they roll…

9. Going out dressed like this every day for 4 months of the year is perfectly normal.


10. If you ever, EVER, finish a sentence with the word ‘eh’ we recommend emergency intervention.



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