The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you will have heard or taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. As my Mam told me “they’re all at it” (I think she’s patiently waiting on a nomination). Celebs, sports stars…even an ex- US president got in on the act.

Why? By taking part in the ice bucket challenge people are raising money and awareness of ALS, known as  motor neurone disease (MND) in the UK. The outcome of this disease is that motor nerves become damaged and eventually stop working. Therefore, the muscles that the damaged nerves supply gradually lose their strength.

So how does dumping a bucket of ice and water on your head help?? Those who don’t like the Ice Bucket Challenge will say it’s ridiculous to see everyone from us regular folk to film celebrities pouring water on their heads. Why not just write a cheque? Truth is, the internet runs on all kinds of dumb videos, not to mention harmful and disturbing ones. So why not show support for videos of people making an eejit of themselves, having a laugh but most importantly raising awareness and badly needed funds for a great cause. The Challenge has proved the naysayers wrong with its incredible success. In a single day, ALS-research raised $10 million, around (this what they usually raise in a year), The total amount is about to hit a staggering $95 million. The world-wide sensation will eventually stop and you’ll soon be back to watching videos of cats and children singing the Frozen Theme tune.

I probably shouldn’t admit that I haven’t actually took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge  but I have donated to the MND foundation (and you can do so by texting ICED55 and the amount you want to donate to 70070) or visit the MND associations Just Giving page


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