A guide to Irish women folk…

Irish ladies…yes, we are a rare breed, but a great one at that. So, for any man thinking of dating an Irish girl, here are a few helpful tips:


Take the piss out of her:  A wee bit of banter is the Irish form of affection.

Don’t pay her compliments: Irish girls aren’t used to compliments and so won’t accept them, or will think your taking the piss, so ye can’t really win either way.

Basically pretend you don’t like her that much: You’ll present yourself as a bit more of a challenge, and what Irish girl wants the guy who is all over her?!

Now you’ve got her, how to keep her….


If in doubt make tea: No matter the mood, no matter the situation – you should put the kettle on. In all likelihood it won’t fix a thing, but it won’t ever hurt either. An aul biscuit wouldn’t go amiss whilst your at it.


We must have cold blood: We are always foundered with the cold! Massive hoody and or dressing grown, heat blasting, hot water bottle at our feet, and that’s before the Canadian winter hits. So get used to hearing ‘Jeeeeesus, it’s freezing!



Food Glorious Foooood: Remember when hungover, we are due a feed every 2 hours, like babies. Also when in the heebie jeebies we are not interested in eating anything that doesn’t have a Colonel, a Domino, or a Golden arch on the wrapper.

We will start a healthy eating regime every Monday (last week it was limes) and tell you every morsel that has passed our lips that day. We will fall off the wagon on Friday through to Sunday night, and we’ll complain to you that we’re fat/a heifer/some other large mammal. (DO NOT AGREE, I REPEAT, DO NOT AGREE!)


Code Reds: If asked what’s wrong, and the response is ‘Nothing’ or ‘I’m fine’, this is a code red. There is definitely something wrong. Until you know what’s caused the mood and also ruled out that you are not a contributor, your best bet is immediate damage control (kettle, biscuit, food)

Bitches be Crazy

Bitches be Crazy

Most Importantly

We are always right: Even when we’re wrong, we’re right. Even when you can prove us wrong and show us evidence, we’re still right. If you don’t believe us, ask our mammies. They’re always right too.

So what are your thoughts? Men, have you encountered any of the above? Women have you anything to add?

S xx


The Irish Design House – A Touch of Home in Toronto

We went to check out the newly opened Irish Design House recently and ended up coming away with a very serious case of ‘I want, I want, I want’.


The intention was to pop in & have a quick browse…an hour later, we were still admiring the wide array of high end crafts and fashions from back home.

Located at 756 Queen Street East (just hop off the streetcar at Queen & Broadview and it’s a short walk from there), the Irish Design House is a treasure trove of beautiful Irish pottery, jewellery, clothes, furniture and accessories.


Owners Sinead Clarke (a Cavan woman) and her boyfriend Benny Corrigan (from Co. Meath), only made the move to Toronto a year ago but quickly spotted a gap in the market and decided to open a place that brought a touch of home to the big city.


A graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design, Sinead has her own knitwear label, EssenC and works on her designs in a studio located at the back of the store.


Here is a selection of some of the gorgeous pieces produced by the very talented Sinead. The cute, unique headbands and handwarmers are the perfect (and practical) knitted accessories for the winter which we all knowing is coming!






Other brands that you will find at the Irish Design House include Ana Faye bags from Sligo, Fisherman Knitwear from Donegal, Brookwood Pottery from Dublin, Moth to a Flame candles from Kilkenny, traditional aran sweaters, gem-stone costume jewellery, laser cut decorations and accessories.

We weren’t joking when we said we want one of everything!





Coming to a new country, finding a job and a place to live is a big enough challenge for most people, so a big tip of the hat to Sinead and Benny for going that extra mile and starting a business.

Please drop in to say hi If you are in the neighbourhood. You won’t be disappointed and might even get a few of the Xmas pressies sorted too ( yes, we know its not even October but it’s never to early to start the Xmas shopping!)

You can also check out the Irish Design House on Facebook, here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Irish-Design-House/750167451712034

And keep an eye for their website launching soon!

To see more pics of the goods from the Irish Design House, check out our Instagram – http://instagram.com.craicto

Must Watch: Beyonce & Jay Z home movies

Home movies don’t come much more fabulous than this.

On the final night of their On The Run tour in Paris, Beyoncé and Jay-Z treated the crowd to a six-minute, no-holds-barred video of footage from the most candid moments in their lives together – including intimate shots of their wedding, and Beyonce’s pregnancy with their daughter Blue Ivy – as they performed a mash-up of Forever Young and Halo.

S xx

Kiss me I’m Irish…

Kudos to the folks at Tourism Ireland for this little gem of an ad.

It asks viewers are they able to spot true love by checking out eight couples ‘getting the shift’ at eight famous Dublin landmarks.

Check it out here…can you guess who the real couples are and who just met for the first time?


Paolo Nutini: Sound Academy

Oh Paolo

Oh Paolo

You know your off to a good week when you spend Monday night with a Scottish Hunk.
Yea folks Paolo Nutini was in town, the Sound academy more specifically and he was AMAZING.

I have seen Paolo before and knew that his concerts were amazing. This is an artist who doesn’t come out and perform his album, he can sing one of his biggest hits and they are un recognizable…..cue my other half (Gavin) asking why he didn’t play Pencil Full of lead?! He did…..I have badly videoed proof http://instagram.com/craicto

Paolo's latest musical offering

Paolo’s latest musical offering

With Paolo’s new album has emerged his confidence as a soul singer, gone are his poppy numbers, replaced by one smooth Otis Redding type musician. He performed mostly hits from his new album Caustic Love, with a few classics.
Highlight of my night: Paolo pouring his heart out to a member of the audience before breaking into “last request” prompting a Canadian Lady asking the people around her did they understand a word he was saying, the reply “no sure we’re Irish”
Paolo you did not disappoint
S xx

Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter: What to look forward to this winter in Toronto

brace yourself

Get ready……


New arrivals …..brace yourselves! This lovely city you’ve grown so fond of is about to change, BIG TIME! Those of us who have survived our first Canadian winter are not so excited about the snow! We were congratulated on numerous occasions last year on surviving the coldest winter in decades, so what do you have to look forward to?!

1. It’s cold: In fact, it’s so cold that your face will hurt. Just warning you now!

face hurts

2. Smile, smile my arse: Once Jack Frost comes a’knocking Torontonians new, established and myself included become a little grouchy!


3. Your commute will be that much longer: So leave extra early as there will be more people on public transit, cars drive slower and even walking is a hassle which means the whole commute will take longer than normal.

Tee hee hee!

Tee hee hee!

4. Prepare to hibernate: I love my nights out, and these normally consist of a dress and heels, but it takes one hell of an occasion to get us out in the depth of winter, so make the most of those patios while the sun is out.


5. Hibernation and eating go hand in hand!

Standard Winter Saturday Night!

Standard Winter Saturday Night!

6. Spend, spend spend: Winter is the perfect excuse to shop for a new wardrobe. Up until now you may have thought this girl hates winter….whats to hate? It is the best season in terms of clothes. I love to layer, and this is the perfect season to do so! Winter coats, cardigans, hats and gloves, boots boots and more boots!


7. Winter brings the best drinks: Chai Lattes, hot chocolate, hot whiskeys, mulled wine….need I say more.

chai season

chai season

8. You don’t have to hear the phrase bikini body for at least another 4-6 months, and you don’t have to fret about yours!




NEWS:Damien Rice is back!!

He recently took to Instagram recently posting what looks like a new album tracklist! It  may  be one of the most eagerly awaited albums of all time, but finally Damien Rice has given fans (this one in particular)  something to smile about.

The Kildare man announced details of his third studio album along with a snippet of the first track to whet the appetite of music lovers everywhere.Rice, released a short clip of his upcoming single, ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy’, which will be available to stream on Spotify tomorrow.

The album will be released globally on October 31st and is available to pre-order on iTunes from midnight.

Rice released his debut album O in 2002; a masterpiece that included hits such as 9 Crimes, Blower’s Daughter and Cannonball. He followed that up with the brilliant 9 in 2006 and has remained behind the music scene in recent years.