Paolo Nutini: Sound Academy

Oh Paolo

Oh Paolo

You know your off to a good week when you spend Monday night with a Scottish Hunk.
Yea folks Paolo Nutini was in town, the Sound academy more specifically and he was AMAZING.

I have seen Paolo before and knew that his concerts were amazing. This is an artist who doesn’t come out and perform his album, he can sing one of his biggest hits and they are un recognizable…..cue my other half (Gavin) asking why he didn’t play Pencil Full of lead?! He did…..I have badly videoed proof

Paolo's latest musical offering

Paolo’s latest musical offering

With Paolo’s new album has emerged his confidence as a soul singer, gone are his poppy numbers, replaced by one smooth Otis Redding type musician. He performed mostly hits from his new album Caustic Love, with a few classics.
Highlight of my night: Paolo pouring his heart out to a member of the audience before breaking into “last request” prompting a Canadian Lady asking the people around her did they understand a word he was saying, the reply “no sure we’re Irish”
Paolo you did not disappoint
S xx


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