Ladies Night….The Rituals

1.Plan: Decide what to do and who’s coming (not her, she’s a thundering bitch!) “Research it” i.e.  talk about it. Send group message to talk about it and accidentally include said “thundering bitch” and have to invite her too!


2. Tan: Thursday night is time to tan. Work on Friday is a smelly orange affair, and everyone knows your out on the lash this weekend


3. Plan your outfit: Obviously after asking every member of the group what they are wearing first.

nothing to wear

4. Stand in front of your wardrobe: This normally takes about  40 hopeless minutes. Then you decide that you actually have no clothes and you NEED to run to Topshop

5. Re-plan your outfit: What?! they’re all wearing jeans? You just bought a dress, back to the drawing board then.


7. Crank that playlist: We all have one, it contains our guiltiest of pleasures, our pre-drink playlist, because nothing helps getting ready better than a bit of cheese

see that girl, watch that scene

see that girl, watch that scene

8. Pre drinks:Realize if you don’t slow down on the pre drinks you might not make it out


9: Food: Obviously with all your running around and preening, you have forgotten to eat. Time for a giant bag of Doritos, they should hold you out until your 2 AM Pizza Pizza.


10. Its 11.30 you actually still haven’t left the house….frantic calling of taxis, shoes being located and finally your out!


Sound familiar? What does your Saturday night entail?
Have a good one what ever you do
S xx


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