Stack…..have you tried it?!

Doorway to the best ribs in Toronto.....FACT!

Doorway to the best ribs in Toronto…..FACT!

I had to share this, for I have finally found a smoke-house that lives up to its name. That smoke-house is Stack,which is situated at Yonge and Lawrence ( 3265 Yonge Street to be exact).

Stacks mission is simple! As their website explains: “We are excited to be able to bring you SMMMOKE cooking at its finest. We use only the finest Smokers by Southern Pride and the best quality meats. We cook our premium ingredients “Low and Slow” to give our guests the best possible tenderness and flavor, without too much smoke. All of our menu items are carefully crafted and delicately prepared in limited quantities offering you, our guest, the love and passion that we have for food.

This place delivered, and to make sure I wasn’t giving out false information, I went back for a second visit, and recommended it to friends all of whom have returned.
On my first visit I had the ribs and chicken combo, and it was amazing. Normally I’m not a fan of ribs,for two reasons;
1. The sheer lack of meat….not a problem at Stack, these ribs are huge.
2. Having to gnaw the meat off the bone……again not a problem at stack, it falls right off.
This meal can only be described as unladylike. It was massive, not a problem for my boyfriend who had been eyeing up my ribs since they were placed in front of me. He had the beef brisket, which obviously I tried for the sake of research and it too was fab!


On my second visit I was confronted with a dilemma, order my fav or try something new…I decided to sample the pulled pork sandwich and again, left a very happy customer.
I highly recommend trying this place. The restaurant avoids the stereotypical smokehouse decor and you can see the chefs prepping. The service is great and the food…well try it yourself!  

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