My friend is going home…there is a silver lining (tear!)


Something we have talked about in length over the past year concerns the friends we have made since moving to this new place.

These friends are different to ones you left behind, your childhood friends. These friends are people like you, who have left the comfort of their home friends and are with you in this shared experience. These friendships although formed over a relatively short time in length, are intense.


So what happens when the people you meet on your travels return home?

On Wednesday my fellow Craicto-er and first Canadian friend, packs up and heads back to the Emerald Isle. Over the last 16 months we have developed a friendship group which is relatively small but fabulous.

Each of these girls bring something to the group and Claire can be relied upon to bring wine, a great yarn, sound advice and if your lucky a verse or two of Caledonia.
So although I feel like I’m loosing a limb, I have thought of some positives
Mail…it’s fun. To quote Rachel from Friends I will “catch on my correspondence”, yes we have Whats-app, Viber and Facebook groups, but isn’t it gorgeous to receive a package in the mail!
You can talk freely about your co-workers. Gone are our evenings of scouting out a joint before you can launch into a rant about your co workers. Open a bottle of wine and call her up and rant to your hearts content.
Think of all the cool things you can show them, or they can show you. If you live in the same city, you probably already know the same places. But if you live in different places, your BFF  can show you all the cool stuff in her new town or city that she loves.
Snapchat is great. You know that cafe that she loves or the rib joint her man friend couldn’t get enough of, it’s now your mission to go there and snap the deliciousness! Be warned though she may be doing the same!
You get to plan a reunion. I’m looking forward to it already

One thought on “My friend is going home…there is a silver lining (tear!)

  1. Silver Lining – it’s another person that can send you your Penney’s fix! She understands that Joe Fresh and that Ardene place does not cut it no matter what people tell you!! *rolls eyes

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