Ireland: Best in Travel 2015

As if we needed any proof?! but now it’s official!

Ireland has been named as one of the best places to visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet .Who would argue with them?

Our landscapes are stunning, think of the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way or the gorgeous Ring of Kerry.

Our cities growing and becoming more diverse,think of the growth and change in Belfast and Derry, whilst they have become buzzing cosmopolitan cities they have managed to keep their history and culture intact.

Not to mention the food; traditional classics like bacon and cabbage or beef and Guinness pie are rustic favourites , while super-local produce and innovative chefs are driving new Irish cuisine to terrifically tasty places. Being an island also means the freshest of  seafood.

The people of Ireland are a hospitable bunch. You can expect warm conversation, sociable locals and the odd spontaneous music session in pubs. Most of all, we love to laugh, and have the craic (aka a good time). In summary: they don’t call Ireland the land of 100,000 welcomes for nothing.

Lonely Planet recommends Ireland as a travel destination

Lonely Planet recommends Ireland as a travel destination

We’ve been loving the posts on Facebook group: Places in Ireland to see for tips on things to do

Where is your top place in our lovely country to visit? 

L & S xx


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