A guide to Irish Men

Recently we brought you a guide to Irish women, so we thought it only fair to share our knowledge on the Irish men folk. They are a not complex breed, all they really require is food, football and a few scoops at the weekend.

1. They love their mammy; They love her but she puts the fear of God into him, thus shaping all future relationships.

Also note, no matter how much he loves you, he loves his mammy more.

An Irish mammy

2. They own at least one football/rugby Jersey and feel the need to turn the collar up ala Eric Cantona. A large percentage wear a jersey like second skin, you may try to beat this out of them, it wont work!

We even make the celebity's wear our jerseys

We even make the celebrity’s wear our jerseys

3. They are fond of the drink; After work on  a Friday, During a match on Saturday, On a Sunday, well because its Sunday. These lads can hold their own in the pub, they trick is getting them out of it.

One mention of the 'm' word and they are likely to behave

One mention of the ‘m’ word and they are likely to behave

4. They love a bit of banter, which can often lead them to act the maggot! Banter aka Craic aka having fun, is normally what happens after a few pints. A few too many pints and he will act the maggot during which time something will go awry. Acting the maggot normally involves the loss of ones dignity!


5. They are fiercely loyal. An Irish man will always stay loyal to his friends. However they are no push over and if pushed can hold a grudge for years!

Move along...Nothing to see

Move along…Nothing to see

6. He will rarely compliment you. Sure you never take them anyway. At least when he does actually say it you know he really means it. It will normally be hard to tell when he is complimenting you, as compliments are normally masked or quickly followed by him slagging you off.

Take it, it's as close to a compliment as your going to get.

Take it, it’s as close to a compliment as your going to get.

7. The way to this man’s heart is most definitely through his stomach. Your food will never EVER compare to his mam’s! As a side note, most meals should be accompanied by a pint of milk


We didn’t lie, they really are simple creatures. 

Do you think we got them right or have you anything to add? as always let us know 

S xx


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