Unsurprising and Hilarious stats from home.

Irish Life, The insurance Company gathered these statistics to celebrate 75 years in business. Some of these stats shocked me, I mean only just over half of us will reach for the kettle in a crisis?!


Here is the full list of stats

  • More than one in five Irish people (21%) have packed sausages in their luggage when going on holidays.
  • 94% of Irish people have thanked the bus driver.
  • Just 5% of us had their first kiss in the Gaeltacht.
  • 40% of Irish people look at someone’s social media before they go on a date.
  • 34% hide peoples news feeds when they post too many pictures of their pets/babies….Guilty!!!
  • 24% of Irish people have tried online dating.
  • Just one in five Irish people are friends with their Mammy on Facebook. (Shocking people, accept yer mams)
  • Over half (54%) make tea if there’s a crisis.
  • 80% of Irish people have eaten a crisp sandwich. (Would you not sell your soul for one right now?)
  • Over half (55%) can pull a pint.
  • Over one in ten (13%) Irish people have an embarrassing middle name.
  • Over half (54%) of Irish parents think the kids in their family are smarter than the average children.
  • 29% of Irish people have been to Copper Face Jacks (AKA Coppers) in Dublin.
  • 40% of Irish people have a tin whistle in the house.
  • Just 39% of Irish people say they have had ‘the fear’.
  • Almost one in five (18%) Irish people feel like they know Anne Doyle.
  • 40% of Irish people have clapped when a plane has landed.
  • 73% of Irish people have asked a taxi driver ‘is it busy tonight?’.
  • More than one in four (26%) Irish people still have their first teddy bear.
  • One in five Irish people (20%) will never wear the color of their school uniform again.

What do you think? Does this sound right to you? Let us know your thoughts?

S xx


Top 10 to do this Winter in Toronto

Winter has arrived. If this is your first Canadian winter you are in for a treat! They are well equipped to handle the heavy downfalls of snow – unlike home. But with the winter also comes the chance to try out new things that you might not have been able to experience at home.

Here’s our Top 10!

10. Cheer on the home team

Ice hockey is more than a sport in Canada; it’s a bit of a national obsession. And even though they’re currently having the longest dry spell in NHL history (the last time they won the Stanley Cup was in 1967), the Toronto Maple Leafs still draw a crowd.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs

Tickets can be pricey enough so another alternative is to catch a Marlie’s game, same idea…. he might not think so though.

9. Ice Skating

Have a go yourself! Every winter, over 50 outdoor ice rinks take over the city, the most popular is Nathan Philips Square, located right in front of City Hall. The ice rink opens November 23rd and will operate from 10AM-10PM daily.

Nathan Phillips Square

Nathan Phillips Square

8. Snakes and Lagers

Not your run of the mill average bar, enjoy a few pints of craft beer and food over a game of Guess Who or Connect 4. They have a huge selection of board games to bring you back to your youth. www.snakesandlagers.com

Does he have a mustache?

Does he have a mustache?

7. Go Curling

Now this looks like fun! A must do for the CraicTO team this year. Whether you’re a beginner, or a curling pro, Toronto’s Curling Clubs have options for everyone.

Have a look here for more info www.torontossc.com



6. History and culture at the ROM and AGO for half price

No one wants to pay full admission to a museum when you can get it half price or even sometimes for free! The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) offer free admission every Wednesday between 6-8:30pm.

Have a look here to see what other places offer discounts. www.thingstodo.viator.com/toronto/free-museum-days-in-toronto



5. Winterlicious

Your chance to explore the variety of food the city has to offer. This culinary event hosts a variety of programming including cooking classes and demonstrations, dinner theatre, tastings and pairings, intimate chef dinners and more!

It runs from January 30th to February 12th, 2015.


4. Skiing & Snowboarding at Blue Mountain

Unlike at home, Canada actually gets the weather to par take in winter activities! Try your luck at skiing or snowboarding this year.

As a first time skier last year, I can safely say it is not easy but it’s some craic, especially if you get a gang of ya’s going up for a weekend!

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain

3. Throw an Axe

Perhaps a way to rid yourself of that anger/frustration caused by himself/herself or TTC passengers. The Toronto Backyard Axe Throwing League – throwing axes from a distance of 15 ft with points awarded based on where they hit the target. Leagues run every Sunday from 5-8pm and every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-10pm.

images (1)

Bulls eye

2. Ice Sculptures in Yorkville

Check out IceFest 2015 in Yorkville. It kicks off from 21st of February 2015. Get to see how they make some amazing sculptures, literally out of blocks of ice! This year’s theme is “heatwave” – www.bloor-yorkville.com/icefest



1.Tobogganing in Christie Pitts

Christie Pitts is about a 5 minute walk from Christie subway station. In the winter the slopes of the park are used for tobogganing, so grab a baking tray and off ya go!

*Sidenote also a good spot for making snow angels!

Christie Pits

Christie Pits

Did we miss anything? As always let us know what you think!

L x

Must Watch: To go out or stay in? That is the question!

Any one who has been in Toronto for a winter will know that the decision to go out is especially difficult. Your wardrobe is completly different, you can wear heels but you do so at you own risk of either

a. Having your feet frozen or

b. Loosing you balance as a result of the heel, wine and ice.

How much did we laugh then,  when we saw this Facebook post from Alice Diver 

This is one seriously funny lady and I have to say her observations of us Nordy ladies is spot on!


Check her out folks

S xx

Cocktails in The Embassy

We here at CraicTo love a good cocktail, so when we heard that the Irish Embassy (located in the Financial District, on the corner of Yonge and Wellington Street) had jazzed up their drinks menu and added some “pre-prohibition” style cocktails, we rounded up the troops and headed down for a tasting session….cue much lip smacking and glass swapping!

Irish Embassy, its pretty hard to miss

Irish Embassy, its pretty hard to miss

Now whilst I love a cocktail, I am often forced to watch my man friend squirm uncomfortably in the cocktail bar and grumble at the standard jazz flute music, the uncomfortable seating and the girly glasses. No fear of this in the Irish Embassy, he can even have a pint if he’s not feeling the cocktails!

So what did we try;

Ginger Spiced Mojito: Captain Morgan spiced rum, ginger infused simple syrup muddled with fresh mint, limes & topped with soda water

Quick & Salted: Hendrick’s gin, triple sec, grapefruit juice, fresh lemon juice & simple syrup served in a salted rimmed champagne glass

Amaretto Sour: Amaretto, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup & egg whites (**CraicTo’s favorite**)

The delicious Amaretto Sour, and a sneaky peak at the amazing Passport Menu

The delicious Amaretto Sour, and a sneaky peak at the amazing Passport Menu

Bourbon Sour: Bulleit Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup & egg whites

Pisco Sour: Pisco, Angostura bitters, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup & egg whites

It is obvious at first sip that these cocktails contain quality ingredients, not the concentrates or powders that most bars use. Simon and Cian who entertained us for the night and listened to us talk nonsense with each cocktail (thanks lads) informed us that they use only fresh juices. They also gave us a bit of a lesson in old school cocktail making and this is exactly what the Irish Embassy is doing. They have went back to original cocktail crafting, using egg whites to give the cocktails a silky smooth texture and I know I sound like a pretentious dick, but they really were silky smooth.

So we now have found our perfect Friday night post-work spot. The cocktails are amazing and if you’re feeling peckish as we did, The Embassy is known for their fab home style food. We had a cheeky curry chip (Supermacs TO style), because we’re classy like that!

Cocktail selection available at the Irish Embassy

Cocktail selection available at the Irish Embassy

Ladies; make your way down and try these cocktails, you will not be disappointed. As always let us know what you think?!

S xx

10 Hours of Walking in Dublin

Did you see the video of the Lady walking in New York, produced by Hollaback, an organization that wants to stamp out street harassment and intimidation.

The results are startling. According to Hollaback, there were over 100 instances of verbal harassment in that 10-hour walk, not including winks and whistles. In the video, the woman remains silent. Now watch the Video Filmed in Dublin, this poor crater knows harassment.


South Korea teaching job…Not if you’re Irish

The Irish are known for their love of travel, Many of us are currently spread across the globe working and developing our carrers. One Irish lady hoping to do the same recieved this rejection letter from a job posting in South Korea.


This image, posted on photo sharing site Imgur last night, claims to show the response received by one Irish girl’s job application to be a teacher in the Asian country.

In the extremely brief email, the recruiter explains to Katie: “I am sorry to inform you that my client does not hire Irish people due to the alcoholism nature of your kind. Best of luck in future.”

The image is quickly going viral and has sparked debate on social media site Reddit, with many Irish people voicing their opinions.

One user said: “I’ve been to SK three times (and NK once!) and I can confirm they have a similar drinking culture to Ireland. In fact when you get to know Korea you realize they are the Irish of Asia.”

But another Irishman living in Korea said that this kind of discrimination was widespread: “That’s pretty outrageous, even by Korean standards”

Has this ever happened to you when applying for a job? Have you received any hilarious or offensive replies?

S xx