Boyfriend Brooch….Yes Please!

Quirky, unique, fabulous….All the words I would use to describe a Boyfriend Brooch. I  stumbled across this talented lady one lazy Sunday whilst browsing Instagram and she has become my new obsession. Normally I like to keep finds like these to myself, but this I HAD to share….


Hannah Browne and her hand made felt pins, depicting famous faces including the Beatles, The Fresh Prince, Ron Burgundy and also ‘custom’ boyfriends, encourage people to wear their hearts on their chest or hats or bags.


I had to get  a Kanye brooch, but I don’t think I’ll stop there, I’m already thinking that my real life ginger could be immortalized in brooch form, she even does couple brooches, but I’m thinking that might be a bit much for my man friend.

boyfriend brooches

You can purchase Hannah’s pins on her Etsy store, the Drake General Store in Toronto. She visits various pop up shops and if you give her a follow on Instagram, shes super speedy to respond.   These super cute pins retail from $15 and up. I cannot wait to add to my collection, I wonder could I have a little Niall Horan Brooch?!

Who would your ideal brooch be modeled on?

S xx



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