Things you never thought you’d miss about home

Having just returned from my first trip home after a colossal 18 months here in Toronto, I have rediscovered all of the things that I never thought I would miss about home.  In no particular order….

1. Yer mam’s nagging. Have you eaten enough? Have you threw in your washing? All phrases that used to induce much eye rolling, however after returning home, these phrases are a source of much comfort and are normally followed up with food being cooked, or washing being not only washed, but folded and put away. God bless Irish Mam’s

Irish mam's the pioneer of washing your face, by spitting on their sleeve!

Irish mam’s the pioneer of washing your face, by spitting on their sleeve!

2. Snow days. Was there anything more joyful, than getting the school bus in the snow in Ireland?! Knowing that at some point the driver was going to meet a road that the gritter didn’t get to, the bus would have to be turned and the whole thing would be dropped back at home. Even if your driver was a persistent one, inevitably you would get to school, the nuns wouldnt turn on the heat and you’d have to go home any way (true story)

Turn the bus, open your lunch...It's a snow day!

Turn the bus, open your lunch…It’s a snow day!

3. Tea. Only in Ireland can you order a tea out and not be greeted with an array of variations. In Ireland Tea means tea, not Earl Grey, or English breakfast or Orange Pekoe, or any of the fancy fruit sorts.

The fact that this exists is testament to our tea love!

The fact that this exists is testament to our tea love!

4. Our Slang. Acting the maggot, Banjaxed, Chancer, Pure Lured, Lashed, Divil, Eejit, Melter, Header, Langers, Manky, Nip, Shifting, Shenanigans, Throwing shapes. Etc etc etc

A handy slag guide

A handy slag guide

5.Pennys/ Primark. A place once loathed by teenage girls all over the land, Penney’s other wise know as Primark becomes a mecca once we have to start buying our own clothes and by God do we miss it! You just don’t get the same sense of pride from a compliment on your new top if you can’t follow it up with “Fiver! Primark!”

Penny's aka Mecca

Penny’s aka Mecca

6.Quoting Father Ted to people who actually appreciate it. ‘I’m putting you on my list of enemies’ is taken very literally by our new Canadian friends, try explaining to them that is a quote from a fictional priest know as Fr. Noel Furlong.

What's the point?! they just don't get it!

What’s the point?! they just don’t get it!

7. Do ye know such and such? “No there are lots of Sean O’Neill’s in Ireland of course I don’t know him”, even though you do. In fact hes either related you to or you’ve shifted him!

Did yer hear about yer wan?!

Did yer hear about yer wan?!

8. Not having to censor yourself. “F#@k I’m dying” is not an acceptable response to your boss’s morning greeting of “how are you?”

Careful now!

Careful now!

9.Giggling at place names. Where else in the world can you dive in Muff? eat a slap up meal in Trim? and freeze yer ass off in Ovens?

we know its immature, but teheheheehe

we know its immature, but teheheheehe

10. The local. The bar man knows your drink, your family and probably more than he should about your personal life. Whats not to love?!

A local legend!

A local legend!

What’s your thoughts, did I miss anything? What is it that you lot miss most about home? 

S xx


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