A New Dining Experience: Signs Restaurant.

signs logo better

A restaurant staffed by all deaf Servers and bar staff, What a unique idea?! Signs located at Yonge and Wellesley, the new bar and restaurant — “where noise meets silence” — asks customers to order food and drink using sign language with assistance from a “cheat book” that illustrates how to sign menu items.

I had no idea what to expect upon entering the restaurant, but I know the experience I had surpassed all those expectations.

On entering Signs you are greeted and seated by the hostess, who explains Sign etiquette, the menus, and the handy Sign Cheat book. You are given time then, I presume to study up before your server is introduced. Our Server; Gaitrie was by far the most patient and helpful server, I have ever met. Whilst I feebly tried to order my drinks she interpreted my gestures, all while giggling and encouraging me to continue.

This place is so much fun and at no point do you feel embarrassed by your signing inability. Also no need to worry about order mix ups, and mispronounced/misheard utterances, Your order is confirmed at the table with pictures. Perfect for us with our Irish lilt!

sign signs

Now to the food, The menu has a wide selection of foods from traditional Canadian fare to more international dishes. I had Pri Pri Chicken and my Pal had Potato Crushed Salmon, both delicious. Sometimes with restaurants with a unique concept  I worry that the concept is the main selling point, but the food at Signs is amazing, and the wine list is pretty good too!

I would totally recommend Signs Restaurant as a fun and educational dining experience.

Have you been? Whats you thoughts?Sxx


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