Nordy Translations

A person from Northern Ireland or Norn Iron, sounds a bit different from the Irish folks you lot are used to. At a concert recently, after i rather affectionately told someone to “watch yourself” I was told that I sounded aggressive! It’s not our intention to sound aggressive, Its because we have been forced to speak a language that isn’t our native tongue, so now we spend our time trying to dirty it up!

A is for…

Ach: Can be used a to start any sentence. “Ach how was last night?” ,”Ach it wasn’t too bad!”

Aye: Yes, “Aye I’d love a drink!”

Bis for…

Bake: Face or mouth. Normally not a positive reference, “shut your bake” “Would ye look at the bake on her?”

Banter/bant: Fun or Craic “Will we head out for a bit of banter?”

Banjexxed: an adjective meaning broken, “You may call the plumber, that toilet is Banjaxxed”

Beezer: Good, fantastic, Especially if you come from Derry “Your new car is beezer.”

Big Lad: A spritely young gentleman. “Alright big lad?”
Bout Ye!: Greeting, How are you? “Bout ye big lad?”



C is for…

Carry-out: LCBO or liquor store “Let’s go to the carry-out and buy some beer”
C’ mere: A command. “Come here”
Catch yourself on!: An expression, “Get a hold of yourself!”, “Wise up!”
Clinker: Similar to Beezer, if you’re not from Derry and are actually from Belfast. “My new bike is clinker.”
Cracker: Good. “That restaurant was cracker”
Craic: Fun, to have a good time. “The craic is mighty lads, get the beers in”

Cuddy: Young boy or young girl

D is for…
Da: Father. “I seen your Da last night”
Dander: Walk. “Lets go for a dander”
Dead-On: Good, decent, alright. “I like him, he’s dead-on”

Deadly: Really Good

Does my head in: Expression. Someone who really annoys you. “my da does my head in”

Yer-an-eejitE is for…
Eejit : An Idiot. “You are an eejit”

F is for…
Faffin’: Messing around, acting an eejit. “Stop faffin’ around and do some work”
Fegs: Cigarettes. “Can I have twenty fegs?”

G is for…
Grand: Good. “That’s grand, I’ll see you at half-eleven”
Guddies: Trainers. “Look at my new guddies”

H is for…
Haul: Hold. “Your man can’t haul his beer”
Hoak: Rummage. “That wee man hoaks through the bins”
Hole: Bottom, Bum. “Get your lazy hole out of bed and go to work”
Hoop: Bum, bottom. “You have a face like my hoop”

I is for…i dont know
I tell a lie: Expression, meaning you’ve made an error. “I tell a lie, I do know where it is”
Is that you?:Question. “Are you finished?”, “Are you ready?”
Is your head cut?: Expression, meaning are you wise? “you moved to Canada, without a coat! is your head cut?”

J is for…
Jammie: Lucky. “That jammie sod just won the lottery”

K is for…
Keepin’ Dick: Keeping Lookout. “Keep-dick for me while I rob this bank”
Kex: Underwear. “I have to go a buy new kex”
Knackered: Tired, done or broken, “I’m knackered after that walk” “Get a new car, that one is Knackered”

L is for…like
Lamped: Punched. “I lamped yer man after he called me a nasty name”

Like: Can start or end a sentence, so it’s kind of like a full stop “Like, I dont even like him” or “I don’t even like him, like.
Lump: Lazy, “Get out of bed you big lump”
Lifted: Arrested. “Wee Stevie got lifted by the peelers last night”

M is for…
Ma: Mother. “How’s your Ma?”
Melter: An annoying person who gets on your nerves. “That wee girl is a melter.”
Minger: Ugly, an unattractive person. “You’re such a minger”
Munter: An unattractive woman dressed inappropriately for her age and covered in fake tan. “Yer Ma’s a munter”
Mucker: Mate, pal. “Alright mucker, fancy a pint?”

N is for…il_570xN.688032465_tjnk
Naff: Stupid, crap. “Your new car is naff”

O is for…
Oul: Old. “This pub is really oul”
Oul-Doll: Old Lady. “That oul-doll looks like your Ma”

P is for…
Peelers: Police. “The peelers do my head in”
Poke: Ice-Cream. “Ma, can I have a poke with sprinkles on it?”
Pull: Go on a romantic conquest, usually on a Friday and Saturday night at a disco. “Right, pass my aftershave, I’m going on the pull tonight”

Pure: Normally used before an adjective, to give it strenght “I just ran up the stairs and I’m pure knackerd
R is for…
: Angry, fuming. “£15 for a taxi, I was ragein’!”
Ratten: Rotting, disgusting. “Those chips were ratten”
Reddener: Embarrassed. “I took an awful reddener when I missed the bus”
Right: Assertive, usually applied at the start of a sentence. “Right, I’m away home for my tea”
Runner: Run away, flee with speed. “Here come the peelers, let’s do a runner!”

S is for…
: Embarrassed. “Look at yer man’s trousers, I’m scundered for ’em!”
Sound: Dead on, easy going. “Yer Da is sound”
Spuds: Potatoes. “Get the spuds on love, I’m starvin’”

T is for…
Tae: Pronunciation – Tea. “Put the kettle on and we’ll have a cup of tae”

Tara: Either good or bad. If someone says, “That’s tara,” and they sound glum, it’s bad. Likewise, if they sound happy, it’s good.

Tea: Dinner. “Jimmy, your tea is ready”
Till: To. “Are you coming till the shops?”

W is for…

Watch yourself: An Expression ” Be Careful!”
Wee: Small. Used by every single Northern Irish person.  “Have a wee bun”, “Would you like a wee bag?”
What about ye?: Greeting. “How are you?”
Wick: Stupid, useless. “Your new gutties are wick”
Windee: Window. “Someone broke my windee”

Wile: Really fabulous or really awful. As in, “Jeez, you’re looking wile.” So if something’s “wile craic”, it can be good or bad, depending on how the person says it!

Y is for…
Ya: You. “Ya look like my Ma”
Yarn: Talk. “I had a good yarn with your Ma”
Yer: You’re. “Yer my best mate”
Youse: You Lot. “Youse keep the noise down, I’m trying to sleep!”

What do you think? Are you constantly being picked up wrong?

Let us know if we missed anything out?

S xx


Irish Canadian Immigration Centre: Meeting the needs of the newly arrived Irish to Canada

So most of you will have heard about The Irish Immigration centre, If you haven’t you’re missing out on a valuable resource available to the newly arrived Irish in Canada, hey their aim is to MEET THE NEEDS OF NEWLY ARRIVED IRISH TO CANADA-Thats us!ICIC_logo

The Irish Immigration Centre was established in December of 2011 and they offer outreach and information in areas such as employment, social services, and immigration.

They are a not-for-profit organization, which means that they help and services they provide are free of cost. Exactly what us new arrivals need. I have very recently had the opportunity to meet the staff and they are so knowledgeable on all things Canada and are willing to help and advise even though you stop them at a social event. I’m obviously not suggesting you start harassing these guys when they are out and about. (You can contact them here.)

The Irish Immigration Centre have also got involved in helping people who are in crisis for whatever reason.

They have compiled and provided this information, to those of us who may be in need of support.

You can access Crisis Information here

Please do not hesitate to avail of this resource, as always let us know your experience.

S xx

Scarborough Bluffs

Now that the weather is hotting up are you looking for somewhere different to go?

I discovered this little gem last summer, it’s a spot I would recommend to spend a day at.You will feel like you have left Toronto, it’s a great place to go to when you are looking for a quiet secluded area along the waterfront.


 The Scarborough Bluffs are a significant geological feature resulting from the accumulation of sedimentary deposits over 12,000 years ago. They were formed by the natural processes of wind and water erosion from Lake Ontario.

The Bluffs stretch for about 15 km along the Lake Ontario shore, from the eastern beaches of Toronto in the west, to east point park in the east.

Bluffers park feature spectacular views of the bluffs and lake Ontario, trails, beaches, gardens, sports and BBQ spots! – bring walking shoes if you want to hike.


For those of you who are rom-com fans they also featured in the movie “The F word” – Daniel Radcliffe goes skinny dipping and ends up spending the night in the nip on the shoreline of the bluffs.


Without wheels, getting to the bluffs can be slightly more difficult but still possible and definitely worth the trek!

Via TTC – take a Bloor-Danforth subway east to Victoria Park station. Next, take a 12 or 12B Kingston Rd bus east to the Brimley Rd/Kingston Rd intersection. From there the Scarborough Bluffs are about a 10 minute walk south on Brimley Rd.

If you’re unsure about where to get off, you can always ask the bus driver to inform you where to get off for the most convenient access to the Scarborough Bluffs.

I can safely say it is one of my favourite places in TO.

Let us know how you get on and what you think of the bluffs.

L x

The One Eighty (previously known as Panorama)

After extensive renovations to rebrand the space The One Eighty revealed its new look at their launch night on Saturday. An upscale cocktail-focused eatery and event space located on the 51st floor of the Manulife building just off Yonge and Bloor.

The views of the city are beautiful, especially after sunset when the whole of downtown lights up.3636567841_5daa693028
Would this be my go to after work for a drink spot? doubtful! But I would bring any visitor’s here for a stunning bird’s eye view of the city  because I am not forking out $30.00 to go up the CN Tower – yes I would!


If your seriously hungry I wouldn’t recommend going here; The menu is limited and in my opinion expensive for what it is. None the less it is still a nice spot with a great view of Toronto (just be fed before you go.)


Here is the website if you want to check it out for yourself

As always let us know your thoughts 

L x

Darkness into Light

dilEach May, thousands of people at locations across Ireland and in the last couple of years across the world, gather to walk or run a 5km route together as dawn breaks. This event is organised by Pieta House and is their largest fundraising and awareness event known as Darkness into Light.  

Darkness into Light represents hope and solidarity, it is symbolic of the work of Pieta House – bringing people from darkness into the light.To date over 80,000 people have taken part in DIL and this year Pieta House in partnership with Young Ones, are taking this special event to Canada with walks in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Which gives us expats the opportunity to get involved. This event is more than a fundraising activity, and in the light of it spreading across the globe they are inviting us to join as a community to come together and walk from Darkness into Light.

The Toronto Walk will take place on Saturday May 7th at 5.00 a.m. You can view The route here.

Who are Pieta House?                                                                                                                                                             Pieta House, is a suicide and self-harm crisis centre, recognised in Ireland to be one of the most important charities in the country. The Pieta House centres – of which there are 9 in Ireland, provide crisis intervention and counselling, free of charge to those who need it most. Pieta house has helped 14,000 people since its inception in 2006 and the demand is still growing.

Pieta House now has a staff of 170 and continues to grow. In 2014 Pieta House took steps to develop the charity into an international organisation. The charity’s vision is growing and helping more and more people each year, a huge task, which is almost entirely achieved through fundraising and generous donations.

Who are Young Ones?

Young Ones is a Canadian based charitable organization that works to break down the economic and social barriers faced by youth experiencing mental health challenges. Their mission is to assist youth in realizing better mental health through the provision of support, treatment and education from a harm reduction perspective. In partnership with our team of mental health professionals, we provide timely access to treatment and support for youth ages 13 to 24, who are in financial need and struggling with mental health challenges, addictions or concurrent disorders. We are dedicated to raising awareness around mental health challenges and offer anti-stigma education programs facilitated by consumer-survivors.

You can register here

If your still not inspired to get involved, watch this video

So Get involved, CraicTo will be there and would love a few more walking buddies 🙂

Thanks for the info Diane. S xx