So you’re applying for Permanent Residence

***Let me, start by pointing out that this article is absolutely not helpful to anyone applying for PR it’s merely the ramblings of a deranged woman in the process of applying.***

Applying for our Permanent residence status (PR) has been an all consuming process, one which I will happily see the end off. At this point I am in the pool of applicants all hoping to receive their ITA (thats “Invitation To Apply”, incase your wondering). For ourselves and most of the lads in the pool, its been a long process, most of us happily applied for our PR  in 2014, only to be told that the brains up in Immigration had taken a few too many applications. We were however reassured  that Express Entry was the answer to our collective prayers and we’d all be PR’D before we could say boo!

Well lads that was a lie! Being the first applicants in the new Express Entry system, I’m feeling well to put it mildly  p-ed off! Does any of this sound familiar?

comp1. Decision made; We’re staying in Canada! You’ve survived the winter you’ve enjoyed the summer and you aren’t ready to head back to the bosom of Ireland yet. You’ve looked into the necessaries and obviously Canada would be mad to turn down your application.

2. You log on to the CIC website and the memories of your last visit come flooding back. Yes the website is still awful, cleverly designed by a horrible bastard, who really wants you to work to find the particular section of the website you need.

3. Hopes and dreams start to dissipate when you realize that you and your (newly appointed commom law) partners, 30 years on earth earn you a measly 290 points in the eyes of the Canadian government…..FML

canada done

4. So much paperwork, so many hoops to jump through! Complete an online profile, join a job pool, even though you have a job, get your hard earned degree assessed and the mother of all kicks to the balls, Take an English test?! What I’ve a degree in English language, I’ve spoken it all my life, yet I have to go (hungover) and describe a fucking camping scene…..Go’on with yourself now Canada!

5. You look at houses to rent at home, because shur look it homes; home and shur couldn’t it be worse ( and all the other things you’ve been saying re going home)

i cant6. You are fully obsessed, everyone that knows you, knows you’re waiting for either the LMIA which will give you some much needed points/ a bridging visa/ the elusive ITA / your police check/ medical or the all important Permanent resident status reply

Some days it’s all you can talk about, telling anyone who’ll listen about the plight of yourself and all the poor craters applying for the PR. Others, well God bless the well meaning co worker who asks “any word of your PR?”

7. When waiting has just become to much for you, there are other things that might speed up the process, a novena to St Martha, reading the Secret (twice), visualizing yourself here, sending out positive vibes into the universe, buying tickets to a concert in September despite your visa being up in May!

Things that might actually help with the process

The Ican centre

The Irish and applying for PR Facebook page 

Good luck to all the people applying for PR, I hope this lightened your mood! Sxx


One thought on “So you’re applying for Permanent Residence

  1. best of luck to all of you guys and gals applying for PR in a truly great country ,my favourite Canada but it is easier to push a camel thru the eye of an needle than get a paddy a PR

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