An Irish girl fast becoming a brunch lover, Thanks to Boom Breakfast.

Brunch is a relatively new phenomena for me, one which I have fully embraced much to the annoyance of my boyfriend, who isn’t fan of either breakfast or brunch. Since adapting this very Torontonian  practice, I’ve tried all the common brunch spots and one is my firm favorite….Boom!

Breakfast a la Boom

Breakfast a la Boom

Even Gavin who hates breakfast has been won over by this place because of one item on the menu Sausages. Visiting Irish shops and restaurants we always sample this Irish favorite, but none meet the grade. Boom, however has the “Irish sausage” perfected, so you can now have a breakfast just like your mammy would make, minus the pudding…..Cue a rush of Paddy’s to Boom!

Unlike many breakfast places which have a typical greasy feel to them, Boom is somewhere you want to stay and chat over a cuppa tea with your friends, analyzing the night out previous. Even though it is a busy spot, I have never felt rushed or harassed to give up my seat to waiting customers.

City locations include; College street, St Clair west and Eglinton West. Most locations open from 7AM-4PM.

My Local Boom is the Eglinton location and it is jammed on the weekends, especially after 11.AM. you may have to cue for 10-15 minutes, but the wait is worth it and the staff (who are fantastic)  give out coffee and treats to customers as they wait.

The menu boosts sweet and savory menu items, so everyone in your brunch party should be pleased.

Items are reasonably priced around $7-9

Have you been? As always let us know your thoughts?




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