Girls, A Skin Care Post You Need To Read

Girls, How much are you spending on your daily skin care routine? If like me you spend ages in Shoppers pondering these purchases, this post should simplify the process. A dedicated fan of Pond’s Cream, I have routinely been swayed to more expensive products believing that more money makes a better product.

Recently a before and after test was preformed by Nicolas Miedzianowski-Sinclair, of The Cosmetic Imaging Studio – which provides 3D images for people considering cosmetic procedures, using a Visia machine (this machine, was developed by NASA to test astronauts’ skin). The test involved a simple scan the of face to see which moisturizer was more effective regarding lines and wrinkles, pore size, redness, hydration etc.

A  lady (pictured below) used the Nivea creme ($10.00 for 200mls) on one side of her face &  Creme de la Mer (prices range from$160.00 – $450.00) on the other, for one month. Which do you think performed better??


According to the dermatologist’s scans, Nivea has performed best. The scans show the left-hand side of the face – where Nivea was – has retained better hydration than its rival. Not only this, but facial redness redness has reduced and some of the fine lines around the eyes have disappeared.

I am not shocked that the budget Nivea creme was better for the skin! Apparently Kate Winslet & Joan Collins both use this Nivea creme. Very interesting results given that us girls spend on average £18,000 on our faces in a lifetime!

face creamsWould this convince you try a budget moisturizer? Try it and let us know your thoughts?

S xx


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