Sabai Sabai – pronounced Sab (as in the Sabbath) and ai (as in a Donegal one screaming AYE at ya!)

Sabai-Sabai-Kitchen-and-BarSabai Sabai is an amazing Thai spot located near Church and Dundas, just a few minutes’ walk from Dundas station so it’s dead handy to get to.  The exterior is very unassuming but once inside it’s a cool and relaxed atmosphere – we arrived around 5.30-ish on a weekday and there were a few spare tables, but by the time we left, the place was wedged so I’d recommend booking a table if you want to get a seat.

The evening menu consists of an array of tapas styled Thai dishes! Initially when I heard tapas I had an image of tiny wee dishes of this and that, and me leaving the place just as hungry as when I went in… How wrong was I?!

Our server recommended 2-3 dishes per person, trust her on this one.  Remember tapas are for sharing so don’t all get the same thing!  Be adventurous and try something you never normally would.  I went with a large group so was able to sample quite a bit of the menu and found all of the food to be amazing.

sabai-sabai-toronto I’d highly recommend the Northern Thai curry fish custard (pictured) for those that like fish and the khao sol if you’re not a fan of hot curries.  For the vegetarian or vegans among you, you’ll be happy to hear they have quite a nice selection of vegan dishes.        If you’ve room left after that or have more of a sweeter tooth check out the desserts, they change weekly so ask your server about them – sticky rice and mango doesn’t sound overly impressive but trust me when I say it tastes like the nicest rice pudding you’ve yet to have!

One final thing to note about this place is the cocktails – Treat yo’self to a pitcher! They all taste amazing, you definitely won’t regret it!


Here’s the link…

Enjoy S Mc xx 


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