Irish Canadian Immigration Centre: Meeting the needs of the newly arrived Irish to Canada

So most of you will have heard about The Irish Immigration centre, If you haven’t you’re missing out on a valuable resource available to the newly arrived Irish in Canada, hey their aim is to MEET THE NEEDS OF NEWLY ARRIVED IRISH TO CANADA-Thats us!ICIC_logo

The Irish Immigration Centre was established in December of 2011 and they offer outreach and information in areas such as employment, social services, and immigration.

They are a not-for-profit organization, which means that they help and services they provide are free of cost. Exactly what us new arrivals need. I have very recently had the opportunity to meet the staff and they are so knowledgeable on all things Canada and are willing to help and advise even though you stop them at a social event. I’m obviously not suggesting you start harassing these guys when they are out and about. (You can contact them here.)

The Irish Immigration Centre have also got involved in helping people who are in crisis for whatever reason.

They have compiled and provided this information, to those of us who may be in need of support.

You can access Crisis Information here

Please do not hesitate to avail of this resource, as always let us know your experience.

S xx


Wear Sunscreen

Not to sound like yer mam, but take it from somebody a little older and not much wiser – wear sunscreen! Girls I know your type, just off the boat, and mad looking for that bronzed glow. Even those of us who have been here a while are known to skip the sunscreen routine. Did ya ever wonder why we do this to ourselves? So we can go bright red, be in pain for a few days before eventually peeling and blistering, which is never a good look! The Canadians embrace the pale; I often walk in to work on a Friday morning waiting on the waft of fake tan and nothing. They don’t do it; in fact they judge and make fun of me for doing it. So in true Canadian style, I’ve abandoned my White to Brown, and invested in a factor 15 (I’m not that Canadian!) Even though I’m now a sunscreen whizz and can tell you how many minutes to apply before going out in the sun (that’s 30 minutes, by the way) and the difference between UVA and UVB, I still managed to come home from a BBQ yesterday with a burn. Why? When I apply sunscreen, I (like most people) tend to go part by part. First, we’ll do the shoulders, then the upper arms, then the lower arms. Unfortunately, some parts, like the crook of the elbow, get left out because they’re in a sort of no-man’s-land.  Behind the knees: Another body part in no man’s land is the back of the knee. You may apply sunscreen to your lower leg, knee and thigh, but the back of the knee routinely gets snubbed. Especially likely to happen if you apply sunscreen to your legs while you’re sitting — if your leg is bent, you may not realize you haven’t covered that crease. But once you flip over to sun your back, the skin is exposed to the sun. A burn behind the knee makes it uncomfortable to walk, so give this part of the leg the attention it deserves.

Feet: Girls, is there anything worse? You have your outfit on, your nails painted and your favorite heels, But HORROR. You have flip flop tan lines. Research has shown that people do not put sunscreen on their feet, why because it feels weird. But girls your feet are just as susceptible to skin cancer, so slap on the sunscreen.

Hands: Now call me stupid, we apply the cream with our hands so they are protected right?! Wrong most people forget to do the backs of the hands, the bit that’s exposed when bringing the beer up and down to your mouth on the patio….the bit of the hand that gets most expose all year round! I for one do not want sunspots, so You know what I’m going to say; Slap on the sunscreen

Ears: We do the face, nose cheeks, forehead, but the bits on the outside tend to be forgotten. Men with short hair are particularly prone to ear burn and girls if your hair is tied up, or if your wearing a hat, your ears can still get hit. It’s not pleasant and it makes sleeping a nightmare. Make sure you cover the ears, as gross as it sounds get right in there, as even the inner part can burn.

Scalp: I’ve learned the hard way, 70’s style hair do, Farrah Fawcett middle parting = Burned scalp! The bald men and men with short hair feel my pain. People with hair may think that their head is protected, but it’s not. Whether you have thinning hair or thick, luscious locks, the sun will find its way to your scalp. If you’re not wearing a hat, you need to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen in the hair may sound like a beauty queen’s worst nightmare, but you can still look pretty fashionable if you seek out a gel or spray sunscreen. It’s important to show your scalp some sunscreen love because according to a 2008 study in the Archives of Dermatology, melanoma on the scalp and the neck results in much quicker death than melanoma that appears elsewhere on the body. That may be due to how melanoma cells form and spread in those areas, as well as the fact that hair can hide the damage and prohibit early detection. In the long run, it’s better to sacrifice your style and put some SPF on your scalp One last tip REAPPLY! After 30 minutes in the sun you should reapply, the sunscreen does not last all day, plus it’s more likely that you’ll cover a patch you missed the first time. Now that my preach is over, go forth find a patio, grab a beer and enjoy the sun!