Irish Canadian Immigration Centre: Meeting the needs of the newly arrived Irish to Canada

So most of you will have heard about The Irish Immigration centre, If you haven’t you’re missing out on a valuable resource available to the newly arrived Irish in Canada, hey their aim is to MEET THE NEEDS OF NEWLY ARRIVED IRISH TO CANADA-Thats us!ICIC_logo

The Irish Immigration Centre was established in December of 2011 and they offer outreach and information in areas such as employment, social services, and immigration.

They are a not-for-profit organization, which means that they help and services they provide are free of cost. Exactly what us new arrivals need. I have very recently had the opportunity to meet the staff and they are so knowledgeable on all things Canada and are willing to help and advise even though you stop them at a social event. I’m obviously not suggesting you start harassing these guys when they are out and about. (You can contact them┬áhere.)

The Irish Immigration Centre have also got involved in helping people who are in crisis for whatever reason.

They have compiled and provided this information, to those of us who may be in need of support.

You can access Crisis Information here

Please do not hesitate to avail of this resource, as always let us know your experience.

S xx