An Post….what a bunch of legends!

Can we take a moment to appreciate An Post, pin particular to appreciate Celcius who managed to deliver this card to Nicole Lally! Her friend Amanda sent her a Christmas card with the following written on the front:

Ya know yer wan, her mother’s Hogan from Castleblakeney, but the daughter’s an ex townie. Grew up in Athlone and moved to Ballymacward (between Ballinasloe and Galway) when she got married. Lives next door to her in-laws now, she has a rake of children and 7 dogs and 4 cats and about 30 hens + ducks and some rabbits and fish & I think she has a hamster as well. She has a shrine to the virgin mary in the left corner of her garden.

Can you give this to her please? Xx


The inside of the card reads “…sure aren’t An Post great”… indeed they are . Legends

Tempted to try this myself, S xx



Busy tonight: Taxi talk we’ve all done!

The majority of Irish people love talking and find silence awkward and unnecessary.

We can come up with the most random shite to fill a silence….prime example of this is every taxi journey we’ve ever had!

Ian Geraghty, has gone Viral with his 21 second clip of conversations with a taxi driver and I have to say he has it spot on! Good man

How many of you can be accused of trying a taxi man’s patience?




10 Hours of Walking in Dublin

Did you see the video of the Lady walking in New York, produced by Hollaback, an organization that wants to stamp out street harassment and intimidation.

The results are startling. According to Hollaback, there were over 100 instances of verbal harassment in that 10-hour walk, not including winks and whistles. In the video, the woman remains silent. Now watch the Video Filmed in Dublin, this poor crater knows harassment.


South Korea teaching job…Not if you’re Irish

The Irish are known for their love of travel, Many of us are currently spread across the globe working and developing our carrers. One Irish lady hoping to do the same recieved this rejection letter from a job posting in South Korea.


This image, posted on photo sharing site Imgur last night, claims to show the response received by one Irish girl’s job application to be a teacher in the Asian country.

In the extremely brief email, the recruiter explains to Katie: “I am sorry to inform you that my client does not hire Irish people due to the alcoholism nature of your kind. Best of luck in future.”

The image is quickly going viral and has sparked debate on social media site Reddit, with many Irish people voicing their opinions.

One user said: “I’ve been to SK three times (and NK once!) and I can confirm they have a similar drinking culture to Ireland. In fact when you get to know Korea you realize they are the Irish of Asia.”

But another Irishman living in Korea said that this kind of discrimination was widespread: “That’s pretty outrageous, even by Korean standards”

Has this ever happened to you when applying for a job? Have you received any hilarious or offensive replies?

S xx

Jaysus Boy, that’s tarra!

Having worked most of my teenage years in what can only be described as ol’ man bars,  there’s nothing I love more than a yarn with an ol’ Boy!

Reminiscing about when they got electric, and the times before TV. Even better than that though is introducing them to modern technology! Check out the priceless reaction of this elderly Tyrone man using a video camera for the first time!


Must Watch: Irish girl goes viral

MUST WATCH: Irish girl very confused

WHEN Amber May asked her sister a simple maths question, she never expected the blonde beauty’s response to go viral. Laurel, 19, from East Belfast, has been making thousands of people laugh with her ditsy response.

And the recording of a day in the May household has been seen by almost 20,000 people on Facebook and YouTube.

Amber asked Laurel: “If I’m travelling from here to a location 80 miles away and I leave here at 2 o’clock and I travel at 80 miles per hour, what time will I arrive at my destination?

Laurel, with her finger in her mouth, looks at her sister and giggles.

Amber laughs: “Why is it taking you forever to tell me the answer?”

However, Laurel, determined to get the answer, goes to put her sister over the question again but drops a can of Coke over her mum’s rug.

Then she claims the trip will take a minute per mile and the traveller will arrive at 3.20pm.

With their exasperated mum Margaret shouting at them from their kitchen, the sisters fall about the sitting room laughing with the problem still being loudly debated.

Amber was shocked when her sister’s response was abused by trolls on Facebook.

Remarks included: “She should be put down like a dog.”; “The teen’s the reason behind world wars.”; “Laurel gives the Irish a bad name” and the siblings’ mother had not brought them up properly.

Amber said: “It was just another funny day in our home.

“It’s typical of Laurel and I’m always catching her out for fun.

“We’re always mucking about like this but she’s a lovely girl with a beautiful personality and would do no harm to anyone.

“People can be so hateful on social media but we’re still just laughing because they’re idiots and we’re just sisters who love each other.

“Laurel has been a victim of cyber bullying and that is totally undeserved.”

Laurel said the prank “was just a bit of fun and it’s made that so many people have seen me being my usual daft self”.

She added: “I joke my brain goes into meltdown when Amber starts asking me these stupid questions.

“I was happy to be on Facebook but I am really angry that my mum was brought into it and accused of bringing us up badly.

“That’s just unfair and untrue.

“Our mum brought us up very well and she was a single mum. We are loved and we’re good people and the internet trolls can get lost.”

Victims who have been abused online should report it to the social network.

Why I Hate Toronto Public Transport

It’s a beautiful sunny day, you have your music on and nothing can dampen your spirits, but you have to take TTC which means things are about to change.
Upon entering the station your mood does a quick 180 and suddenly you’ve transformed into Mr Jekyll and your battling to the death for a coveted spot on the train!
I did not start out this way,  a year ago I stood back, offered my seat and smiled politely to strangers. Now, I’m still not as bad as some of the folks you’ll meet on TTC but I’m certainly not smiling any more.
10 Reasons why CraicTO hates the TTC 
1. The collective smell of bad breath & body odour in the morning (it’s disgusting!)
We know it’s hot and you had to run to get this train, but please sort it out!
Take your pit out of my face and browse on!

Take your pit out of my face and browse on!

2. That guy happy out picking his nose at 8am on a packed subway.
I’m pretty sure we were all warned about picking our noses. Please reserve this task until you are at home, ALONE!
Dig a little deeper, maybe you'll find your manners!

Dig a little deeper, maybe you’ll find your manners!

3. The people who feel its normal to clip their finger nails and worse…toenails!
True story, about a month ago I heard the familiar Clip Clip Clip and thought, nooooooo! I glanced behind me and was greeted by a big dirty foot and narrowly avoided loosing an eye to a flying toenail….boke!
No words needed!

No words needed!

4.The sheer aggression.
Think 8am, Yonge and Bloor at rush hour….enough said!
keep repeating this until you reach your destintation

keep repeating this until you reach your destintation

5. Lack of public transport etiquette
Giving up your seat to the elderly, pregnant, children or unwell! This is probably the most offensive TTC trait so take heed people and remember karma!
move your ass

move your ass

6. People who eat really smelly food
Really a beef pastry thing at 7 am, save your health and my stomach!
this actually happened

this actually happened

7. Door blockers
There are two types of door blockers, those who stand in your way and people who enter before all the passengers exit! These people really are a new breed of ignorant!


8. The women who insist their handbag needs a seat! Yes I know its Michael Kors and yes it’s very pretty, but I want a seat so move it or loose it sister! I recently discovered a blog called ‘I Hope your Bag is Comfortable A-hole’, a Toronto-based site for shaming those who commit such crimes –
No no your bag looks tired, I'll stand

No no your bag looks tired, I’ll stand

9. The guy who squeezes in.
Even when there is no room to squeeze, he will make a dash just as the doors are closing and make us all that wee bit more uncomfortable! We all have met this guy and we all have called him a few choice names!
Grand so, plenty of room

Grand so, plenty of room

10. Yes teenage girls, I want to hear about the cute guy who’s snap-chatting you and how your mother is a bitch, please talk louder in-case I miss a thing 10 seats back!
My sentiments exactly!

My sentiments exactly!

So there you have it our TTC rant and the 10 things (in no particular order) that we hate.
Go on let us know what you loathe about the TTC, it will make you feel better.
S + C xx