Northern Irish Accent voted Sexiest in the UK

A new poll by UK Store Asda has revealed that the NI accent is the sexiest of them all…and the Essex accent is the least.


No doubt the hunk in the bottom corner had a big influence on the poll!

The melodious tones of Liam Neeson, Jamie Dornan, Christine Bleakley, Rory Mclroy, and Eamonn Holmes have all played a part in ensuring the NI accent comes top of the popularity charts when it comes to ‘sweet talk’. They obviously haven’t watched the slew of videos featuring that frostbit eejit!

The poll, which consisted of over 2,000 people from across the UK found that; 17% favoured the Northern Irish accent, with the Scottish accent coming a close second at 15%. Together this means that the Celtic twang makes most people feel weak at the knees. Go us 🙂

Despite the popularity of reality show The Only Way Is Essex it seems the Essex accent doesn’t float everyone’s boat, with only 1% rating it sexy, closely followed by the Brummie, Scouse and Mancunian twangs.

Poll Results (most sexy to least)
1. Northern Irish

2. Scottish

3. Queen’s English (‘Posh’)

4. Welsh

5. Geordie

6. Yorkshire

7. West Country

8. Cockney

9. Scouse

10. Mancunian

11. Brummie

12. Essex

Us Northerners rarely get credit, so well take sexiest accent! Do you agree?