New music and Toronto dates from Shreem

I discovered Shreem along with many others on Celtic Island this summer. Cue some social media following and fan girl-ing on the ferry back to the city! Now 2018 Shreem has a new release Gordon’s 808s, a #notsotrad up-tempo electronic remix/mashup of legendary piper, Gordon Duncan’s “The Flagon”. Gordon Duncan was well-known for breaking the boundaries of traditional piping music and 13 years later, his memory lives on and is embodied by Shreem breathing new life into this track. With the help of Santero’s “808 Bang” this track comes alive just in time to get everyone in the mood for St. Patty’s Day!

Along with the song release, Shreem wants to have some with it and is creating a dance challenge called #gordons808schallenge.  They are calling on all current and retired Irish, Celtic, Highland and Step Dancers & Groups to post a video on Instagram tagging @shreem_music and the hashtag  #gordons808schallenge.

Lastly, Shreem would love for everyone to challenge their friends or other groups in their area.

The track is available for free download on Shreem’s SoundCloud page!

Catch Shreem performing LIVE:

– 9 Mar – SPD Society’s Grand Marshal’s Ball – Toronto, ON, Canada

– 11 Mar – St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Toronto, ON, Canada

– 17 Mar – St. Patrick’s Day @ Belfast Love – Toronto, ON, Canada

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Must see: The most offensive T-shirt ever

With Valentines over and lent beginning, there is only one thing on my mind…. Saint Patricks day!

It’s great to see the slew of green paraphernalia in the dollar stores around the city, as well as the new and inventive clothing to identify you as being Irish.

Some stores however just don’t get it, take Target for example who thought that this was an appropriate item to have on their shelves.

Nice one Target

Nice one Target

The offending t-shirt was spotted by an Irish American and Police Officer Shaun McCann.

Most offending shirts portray the Irish as drunken, fighting louts, leprechauns or a combination of all three! However this garment offended on a whole other level, by adhering to the British viewpoint that the northernmost six counties are not part of the island of Ireland, so they simply left them out. To add further insult the shirt had a four leaf clover, in place of the actual symbol the Shamrock.

Upon seeing part of his ancestral home missing, Shaun did what any proud Irish American would do; he complained to the store manager. He explained why the shirt offended him and the possible consequences of keeping it on the shelves of the store. The manager of that particular Target, which serves a large population of Irish Americans, decided to advise his regional manager of Shaun’s complaint. Who decided to pull the t-shirt off the shelves!!

Well played Shaun McCann.

If you are in the market for a non naff t-shirt celebrating your heritage, check out The Irish Design house. They have their Craic Dealer t shirts back in stock. Available in light Grey and charcoal in sizes S to XL.

I know what i'll be wearing come Saint Patrick's day :)

I know what i’ll be wearing come Saint Patrick’s day 🙂

Have you spotted any offensive t-shirts; If you do, don’t be afraid to speak up like officer Shaun.